Do you need beautiful back patches for your jackets?

We have awesome biker vest patches and motorcycle back patches designed just for you!

If you are a biker in need of great motorcycle back patches, biker vest patches or you just need some fine back patches for your jackets, we’ve got great patches for you! They are simply nice, beautiful and will definitely make you stand out appearing unique and smart. We can also provide you with services of designing custom back patches for you, and your team as well as customized biker vest patches for your motorcycle club.

We are Houston Embroidery Service, a renowned custom made patches manufacturer and supplier in Texas. We produce biker vest patches, Motorcycle back patches as well as back patches for any other type of jacket. We also take orders for custom patches of any sort. All our patches are affordable with numerous backing options. Our biker vest patches, Motorcycle back patches and other back patches all come in different types like embroidery, printing, woven, leather and PVC. Below are our services at a glance;

·        Low Prices with Quick Turnaround time.

·        Special Discount to SAGE, ASI and PPAI members

·        3-day Super RUSH Delivery

·        Free Shipping Worldwide on all orders.

·        5-day RUSH Delivery.

·        Biker Vest Patches

·        Motorcycle Back Patches

·        Back Patches


What’s so good about these patches?

Whether it’s made from the best embroidery threads, PVC, leather, printed or woven designs our back patches provide you with astonishing beautiful designs to customize your jackets. They are large patches specially crafted in different sizes to match the back of any jacket perfectly. However, our motorcycle back patches and biker vest patches are mostly embroidered. For the Motorcycle back patches, we usually make four different styles; one large patch in the center, one top rocker (patch), one bottom rocker, and one MC patch at the side of the center patch. Our Biker vest patches are available in various styles & themes; they are the, "main stage" on your motorcycle leather.


How are they attached on the jacket?

To attach the motorcycle back patches on jackets, we apply several methods which include Velcro, Iron on, and Sew On. However, the choice of backing option is dependent on the material of the jacket. For example, we cannot use the iron on backing on a leather jacket as the hot iron may damage it. The iron on backing involves a thin layer of special glue that fastens on the fabric when heated using dry iron and hardens when it cools off (Please visit this page to read more on Iron on Backing). The Velcro option involves use of two strips of thin plastic sheets with one covered with tiny loops and the other with tiny flexible hooks that adhere when pressed together and gets separated when pulled apart. The Sew on involves using a sewing machine to attach the patch.


What is the cost of purchasing your biker vest patches?

In order to make these products affordable, our charges for biker vest patches, motorcycle back patches and other back patches are calculated based on the number of stitches involved in making them. We do not have minimum to orders thereby giving you the flexibility to order any number affordable for you.  So I can assure you, it won’t cost you much to have us make you biker vest patches.


How quickly can we have custom Motorcycle back patches delivered for our club we order?

Our services are fast paced, and this is not exclusive of motorcycle back patches. Your orders shouldn’t take long to get to you. Once we finalize the process of having you confirm the design as well as the first patch draft, we will commence production immediately and dispatch the order. We use DHL for our deliveries meaning you should have your motorcycle back patches delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.


Who are your major buyers?

Our motorcycle back patches and biker vest patches are mostly bought by motorcycle clubs and individual motorcycle riders while other back patches are bought by individuals, Sports teams, schools, clubs, and other uniform organizations that make use of jackets.

Quick steps to ordering patches from us

The following are six easy steps to process an order for patches with us:

Step 1.                Buyer sends logo artwork stating the required size and quantity, the preferred backing option (Velcro or Iron on), and any other detail to get a price quote.

Step 2.                We digitize/design the logo; send it back to buyer as proof in virtual form with a price quote for the patch.

Step 3.                Buyer reviews, approves the design and also make full payment.

Step 4.                A photo of pre-production sample is sent to buyer for approval attached with an approval form for them to fill.

Step 5.                The approval form/approval is sent back to us.

Step 6.                We commence production and order dispatch in the given time using DHL which takes 3-4 days to deliver in the US.


Quality Assurance Department

Our Quality Assurance Department consists of experienced personnel that control the quality of our patches. They are embroiderers with extensive experience in the custom embroidery industry.

Our QCs check design details, outlines, fill areas, and the back side of the biker vest patches as well as other patches to ensure bobbin thread settings.


In the effort to ensure high quality assurance, these NINE (9) steps are followed by our QCs:

1.   Accurate size confirmation for the finished patches by taking measurements with a ruler.

2.   Revision and confirmation of all the text/letters in a logo, matching them with the original logo artwork.

3.   Conducting check for puckering issues using thread trimming and fabric stabilizer.

4.   Confirmation of the backing (Velcro/Iron on) option used with reference to buyer instructions.

5.   Check for correct application of border type (Hot-Cut/Merrow) as stated on the instructions.

6.   Careful counts are taken to confirm accurate number of finished patches as requested, with the additional 3-5%.

7.   Checks for 100% quality are performed on the patches to ensure that none of them has any defect.

8.   Packaging for the patches is examined to confirm neat packaging with small packets using the bobbin thread. Note that we do not use rubber bands for packaging since they can easily melt thereby destroying some of the packaged patches.

9.   All the processes above are repeated twice marking each step repeated with a printed checklist. 


Free Pantone* Color Matching

What is the importance of Pantone matching? Pantone matching is needed since screen colors always vary from those on the PMS* color book thereby rendering it impossible to match PMS book colors with these screen colors. However, there’s an alternative. The solution is to make the 100% match using a physical PMS color book. If you are a PDF PMS color book, please Note that the use of PDF PMS color book will not be ideal since it accepts slight color differences.

To help our customers get the exact thread or fabric colors they need for their project, we match the colors ourselves at no extra cost.  By using the dye sublimation method, we match the exact PMS color for the background fabric, as close as possible keeping in mind that Pantone has over 3,000 colors. Given the fact that the biggest embroidery thread brand - Madeira produces about 500 thread colors; we use one thread color for six Pantone colors. Visit this page to learn more about Madeira.

*Pantone Matching System also called PMS is the only global brand


Stitch-count Based Prices

To be fair to our customers and also make our patches affordable, we use the “pay as you go” pricing calculator which involves calculations using the stitch-count based pricing method unlike our competitors who base their prices on higher stitch count thereby being unfair for you.

Please note that the number of stitches can vary from logo to logo; for example, a 3” round logo with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches.

Have us do your patches to avoid the risk of being charged unfairly.


An American Company with Overseas Manufacturing

We are a registered LLC company in the state of Texas. We receive payments via our domestic bank accounts as well as traditional bank checks or modern eChecks.

As a US based company, we receive bank checks and this also offers you a way to confirm our origin since only US companies accept bank checks. Also, we can accept payments from credit cards especially the American Express – which is a local credit card only acceptable in the US.

Since doing business with a TRUE American company means supporting the local company, have us do your patches.


Here, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

To ensure you are satisfied with our work, we will redo the whole/partial order if our deliveries are not of the same quality with the pre-production sample approved by you using the physical approval form attached which also contains a statement of the PMS/Madeira color codes to be used. We also offer our store credit or a full/partial refund. Note that it is our priority to satisfy all our customers and fortunately, we’ve not had any unhappy customer yet in one decade of doing this business!


Custom Patches No Minimum

Yes, we are 100% Positive on this!

We take orders for custom patches No Minimum. Therefore, if you need just one custom embroidered patch for your personal use, we’re at your service!

At Houston Embroidery, we have our own embroidery machines to enable us offer our customers this flexibility of custom patches no minimum giving you the option of ordering for one, five or ten patches as you wish.


All Threads and Material Are Available Here!

Thread Options: Glow-in-the-Dark, Smooth Metallic, Twisted Metallic, Neon/Polyester with high shine, Fire resistant, and others.

Other Options: Reflective material, Fire resistant fabric, Real Leather, Felt,

Rhinestones and other decorative options.

Please do let us know what you need exactly and we will do our best to create them for you!


Free Design Setup

Converting an art file (a logo image) to an embroidery file is called embroidery digitizing. We digitize a customer’s logo for embroidered patches free of charge! However, actual value for this service is around $30 for the small logos and $150 for jacket back logos.

Yes, it is absolutely true! No jokes!

Place your order right away to experience our wonderful services.


Free Artwork Modification

Sometimes, logos, which possess too many tiny details like outlines, letters, and gradient effects, are not “embroidery-friendly”; to correct this, we use artworks to make them “embroidery-friendly”


Express Shipping by DHL

Unlike our competitors, we use DHL or FedEx to deliver custom patches to our customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and other countries. We do this to ensure safe and fast delivery without charges for the express shipping. DHL/FedEx delivers in 3-4 days in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the countries located in Western Europe. However, it takes about a week to deliver to Eastern Europe, South Korea, and other countries.

However, note that we are not responsible for import duties or taxes that might be imposed by your customs department or official clearing agencies.


Price Quotes with Real Samples Photos*

We digitize all logos and afterwards, make samples of patch for each price quote. We do this at no extra cost by making a real embroidered patch sample / printed patch sample.

*We will need a proof of your business name and address to verify your business. To do this, provide one of these following documents;

 Business registration certificate,

A utility bill displaying your business name and address,

A credit card bill displaying your business name and address,

A letter from the IRS displaying your business name and address,

Or any official document displays your business name and address.