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Embroidered Patches - Houston Embroidery Service makes state of the art custom patches for every need. We do custom work for promotional companies, advertising agencies, signs and graphics, embroidery and screen printing, SAGE, ASI, PPAI distributors, and local retailers. We create iron on patches for companies and organizations of all sizes all over the US in all 50 states. We even create iron on patches for apparel manufacturers. They use our labels to decorate their famous clothing. When you need outstanding custom patches, let Houston Embroidery be your trusted supplier.

Embroidered Patches

Top-Quality Embroidered Patches

When you want top-quality custom embroidered patches created specifically for your business or organization, Houston Embroidery Service is the leader. We are proud to create custom iron on patches for the uniforms of our Armed Forces and First Responders. We make a lot of iron on patches for the Army, Police, Firefighters all over the US, major Flight Crews, Medical, Security, and lots of work teams that need their own patches on uniforms. And yes, it's always exciting when we get to create iron on patches for sports teams. We have worked with some of our favorites and see our patches every weekend on TV. Please contact us to discuss creating your iron on patches!

Embroidered Patches

Iron On Patches and Velcro Patches

Here at Houston Embroidery Service you can use our patches in a number of different ways. We make embroidered patches with special backings like iron on and Velcro. We also provide self-adhesive backing, plastic lamination backing, button loops, and other backing and attachment options. We are a full service custom patch company with years of experience. We've worked with every industry and all kinds of businesses and organizations. Contact us with your special requirements for your Velcro patches!

Embroidered Patches

Backing Options for Custom Patches

Iron-on patches are very popular among our customers here at Houston Embroidery Service. We create beautiful custom patches with iron-on backing. Large organizations use heat press machines to apply iron on patches. Individuals and small business can simply use an iron to apply them. The second most popular backing is Velcro. The J-hook side is stitched on the back of the patch. The loop side is stitched to the garment. This allows patches to be exchanged easily. Perfect for when two or more people use the same uniform. Please click here to see our many exciting backing options.

Embroidered Patches

Leading Embroidered Patches Supplier

Houston Embroidery Service creates a lot of custom embroidered patches for official institutions like Military, Police, Firefighters, and EMS. We also create custom patches for sport teams, scouts, hospitals, labs, schools, and restaurants. These very nice embroidered patches are perfect for caps with an NFL or NBA logo. They are also favorite among bikers. Everybody can have the attractive custom patch on their uniform. Got a shirt or jacket? We can create a custom patch just for you. This promotes your brand identity. It works great for businesses at trade shows. Your custom patch lets other business people know who you are, leading to more contacts and successes. Please contact us today to discuss your custom patches needs.

Embroidered Patches







Custom embroidered patches

Q: What are custom embroidered patches?

A: Custom embroidered patches are used to design your clothing. They are created using embroidery machines that use materials like threads of different colors. It can be a logo, a theme or an emblem.


Q: When you say clothing, what exactly do you mean?

A: Custom embroidered emblems can be used in Army uniforms, Police uniforms, Firefighter uniforms, Military uniforms, Scouts uniforms, Restaurant uniforms, Flight crew uniforms, Medical uniforms (including EMT uniforms), Security uniforms, and all other Work uniforms. They can also be used to decorate a shirt, cap, jacket, backpack and many more clothing articles.


Q: How these custom embroidered patches are attached to the clothing?

A: With techniques known as backing options, the patches can be attached via the iron on backing option, Velcro or they can also be sewn on.


Q: Why should I use custom embroidered patches?

A: Apart from being a great way to customize your apparels, it is a favorite way of personalizing and branding.


Q: So, what if I want an embroidered patch? How can I get just one?

A: Either do it yourself, or you visit our website to learn how you can place an order. When you place an order with us, we also send the instructions “how to apply.” custom embroidered patches.


Q: How much do I have to pay for the custom embroidered patches?

A: Being the best source for custom embroidered patches in Texas, we offer custom embroidered emblems at reasonable prices. So, you do not have to worry about being over-priced.


Q: How can I find custom embroidered patches near me?

A: This depends, to an extent, on the area in which you live. You can look for a clothing store and ask, or you can simply send your artwork, and we will gladly be of help.


Printed Patches (Dye Sublimated Patches)

Q: How printed patches are made?

A: Printed patches involve printing a photograph, design, or text onto a blank piece of fabric then attaching it to the garment. We use dye sublimation method to produce our printed patches.


Q: What are the advantages of using printed patches?

A: Apart from being washable, they are also fade-proof. It is also the best option if you are looking to achieve photographic realism.


Woven Patches (Cloth Patches)

Q: How woven patches are made?

A: Woven patches are made with thin and fine threads. This method makes them different from other forms of labels and patches. We suggest woven patches when we are unable to get tiny details in custom embroidered patches.


Q: What logos can be done as woven patches?

A: Because thinner threads and yarns are used, woven patches can be used to create badges, patches, or emblems that contain a high number of letters and tiny details.


Q: What do I need to get printed/custom embroidered patches for myself?

A: Visit this page to know more about custom embroidered patches. Also, you can send us your logo artwork with specs so that we can assist you, quickly.


Q:  What makes woven patches different from the rest?

A: They are more comfortable than the custom embroidered patches or printed patches. They are also inexpensive when producing in large quantities.


Woven Labels (Clothing Labels)

Q: What kinds of materials and methods are used to make woven labels?

A: There are different kinds of threads used in woven labels. Common weaving methods are taffeta woven labels, satin woven labels, and damask woven labels.


Q: Where can I use woven labels?

A: They are used in almost every article of clothing; t-shirts, jackets, trousers, pants, dresses, caps, and all other clothing articles.


PVC Patches (Rubber Patches)  

Q: What are the PVC patches?

A: PVC, made out of polyvinyl chloride, is a soft and adaptable plastic that can be molded to any shape and dyed to any color or shade, making it one of the most commonly used synthetic materials. The PVC patches are made of “PVC”


Q: PVC patches or woven labels: Which ones should I use?

A: PVC material allows you to create detailed designs in either 2D or 3D while woven labels cannot do that. Because of the molds that PVC patches require, they are more expensive to make than other kinds of patches, including printed patches.


Q: What kind of backing options can be used with PVC patches?

A: First, the iron-on option is not advisable. Velcro and peel and stick are two good options to apply PVC patches; you can also sew them on using a sewing machine.


Q: Where can I buy PVC patches?

A: Whether you are purchasing PVC patches or other kinds of patches, visit this page to have all the answers (and also advice) to your buying questions for PVC patches.


Leather Patches (Leather Labels)

Q: What is so Special about leather patches?

A: Because the use of leather signals some form of superiority, leather helps you convey a message of authority and excellence.


Q: Can I use all backing options with leather patches?

A: For leather patches, you can use sew-on option, Velcro backing, and iron-on backing.


Q: On what part of the garment/shoe/bag are leather patches applied?

A: They are mostly sewn on the visible part of the garment/shoe/bag, where they can help you and your brand get all the attention that it needs.


Q: How many types of leather patches are there?

A: There are two types, namely embossed leather patches and embroidered leather patches. One gives a burnt look while the other gives the impression that the patch has been sown by hand tailoring.


Q: What is the difference between leather patches and PVC patches?


A: Leather patches, because of their toughness, tend to last long. PVC patches are suitable for those who want to concentrate on the details of the badge or emblem. With PVC, you can make 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional designs.


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