Custom Patches

We do custom patches, embroidered patches, printed patches, custom Velcro patches, clothing labels, PVC patches, custom leather patches, custom keychains, and other promotional products.



Custom Patches for Organizations

Here at Houston Embroidery Service, we are well-known specialists at making custom patches for police, firefighters, restaurants, service employees, military, and much more. If you need a custom patch that works perfectly with your clothing or uniform, we can create it for you. And make just as many patches as you need.


Custom Patches for Everything

Houston Embroidery Service makes custom patches for hats, jackets, polo shirts, bags, and other clothing articles. You can have a specially designed and created patch put on any cap or hat of your choice. Wonder what they look like? We can make one patch as a sample for FREE. We'll digitally put it on a cap, send the virtual mock-up to you, and you can proudly forward it to your customer for their approval. You're sure to get lots of enthusiasm and compliments from your customers because our patches are amazing.


Custom Patches for Everyone

We offer a variety of manufacturing methods including embroidered, dye sublimated (printed), woven, leather, and PVC. This gives you exactly the look and performance you need for your type of work or activity. You can attach these patches with Velcro, iron on, and sew on. This is perfect for sports teams, Army, Navy, Police, Scouts, service teams, food service and so much more. We can make precisely the patches you want to put on baseball caps, biker jackets, police uniforms, sports uniforms or really nice shirts for your bowling team. They go on bags, vests, purses - you name it!


Custom Patches by a Specialist  

We are called Houston Embroidery Service for a reason; it is because we specialize in impressive, long lasting, perfectly performing embroidery. We make our embroidered patches on high-speed computerized Barudan embroidery machines that do amazing work very quickly. We get excellent detail, small letters, tiny outlines, large filled areas with all the quality you could possibly want.


Artwork to Custom Patches

First, we make your design on a computer program (Wilcom) that creates a digital embroidery file. We send the embroidery file (dst) to an embroidery machine where it goes to work making your patch to look just like the design art. Most people who watch this process are amazed at the accuracy. And the patch almost ways looks a lot more impressive than the virtual design. It's a lot of fun to watch a new patch come to life. The blending of thread and colors to create a true work of art that communicates feeling, ideas, and function to anyone who sees it.


Custom Patches on Barudan Machines

While many custom patches providers use Chinese made machines, ours are the highest quality built in Japan. The Japanese ancient embroidery tradition melds with their world famous talent for creating cutting-edge technology. We use their famous Barudan embroidery machines to get the exceptional looking patches we create for our customers. While your patch design can be very simple with one or two colors, most people opt for several colors. The maximum thread colors we can run on our machines are 12.



The following are 5 common types of custom patches:

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are our specialty. We produce high-quality custom labels. Iron on, Velcro, peel and stick, and other backing options are available. You can save a lot of your time and money using our custom embroidered patches instead of embroidering on shirts/caps. We digitize all logos in-house; we have experienced digitizers who deliver the best possible results. You can compare our custom-made labels’ quality with any embroidery company in the world. We design DIY embroidered patches for you. The alternatives are printed patches, and woven patches (also called custom iron on clothing labels). If you do not like the embroidered patches, try our custom iron on labels. We make custom Velcro patches in embroidery, printing, and woven method. You may also like our custom leather patches and custom leather labels.


Printed Patches (Dye Sublimated)

Printed patches or dye sublimated patches are so popular nowadays; they save your time and money. If your logo has a lot of tiny lettering and details, printed patches is the best option to choose from. A logo with tons of colors is not possible for embroidery. The latest embroidery machines have 15 needles; so, we can make a logo in 15 colors maximum, but in the dye sublimation method, there is no limit of colors. These emblems can be choses if you need custom Velcro patches. We do custom screen printed back patches for jackers. We have methods for custom back patch printing; dye sublimation and screen printing. Screen printed patches are good if you need your emblems in cotton twill or canvas material. Please also check out our custom iron on clothing labels, custom leather patches, and custom leather labels.


Woven Patches

Custom iron on clothing labels or woven patches is another great option to decorate a shirt, cap, or jacket. When we cannot put more details in a small sized embroidered patch, we go with a custom iron on labels. We offer woven labels and woven patches at reasonable prices. They are very light-weight. We can make iron on labels in 8 thread colors maximum. If your logo has more than 8 thread colors, you must consider our printed patches instead. Our custom iron on labels come with the classic merrow border, and also be done as custom Velcro patches. If you need patches for caps or bags, you may need to explore our custom PVC morale patches too. I know you will love our PVC Velcro patches.


PVC Patches (Rubber)

PVC Patches are one of the most popular branding tags used in clothing lines. They are so resistant, cool looking and the high versatility they bring, especially when compared to custom embroidered patches is rapidly making them a crowd’s favorite. We make 2D PVC Patches as well as 3D PVC Patches for custom clothing companies in the US and around the globe. Custom made labels are applied using sewing machines or Velcro. Custom PVC morale patches are used to decorate caps, jackets, and bags. We make PVC Velcro patches, and sew on ones. If you do not like this product, you must try our custom leather patches, iron on leather patch, custom Velcro patches, and custom leather labels. Please remember that custom Velcro patches are made with all imprinting methods.


Leather Patches

Custom Leather Patches are extremely popular in denim jeans, denim jackets. Almost all big brands use the custom leather clothing labels as their brand labels. An iron on leather patch goes on outside the garment as opposed to the custom leather labels that go inside. We use natural vegetable tanned cowhide thick leather in our custom-made labels or custom leather labels. We produce, embossed (raised), or debossed (recessed) labels. An iron on leather patch can be sewn too. We also provide leather embroidered patches, leather printed patches, and large leather embroidered patches for motorcycle jackets and vests. If you need real 3D look, go with our custom PVC morale patches.


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