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Custom Patch maker

I, Zia ur Rehman, am an embroiderer and digitizer. I have around 20-year experience in custom embroidery industry and I know everything about the custom embroidery and digitizing. Houston Embroidery Service was established in 2008 in Houston.

We work for promotional companies, advertising and marketing agencies, uniform manufacturers, and custom embroidery companies, distributors of PPAI, ASI, and SAGE. We help our customers to decide a logo size, thread and material colors, pick a right backing method, crate a new artwork or modify an existing one. We are easy to work with; we have email and phone support. We follow your instructions to make your custom patches.


Besides Embroidered Patches, we also provide Promotional Products

We also provide promotional products. Nowadays promotional products are used by almost every business in the United States as well as in Europe, Asia and Africa. The most common and popular products are Promotional Drinkware, Custom Tote Bags, Logo Writing Instruments, Promotional USB Drives, Custom Desk Accessories, Health Promotional Items, Custom Calendars, Promotional Power Banks, and many more products out there. Decorated apparel has advantages over all other promotional products.


Easy Six Steps to Order Custom Patches

Following are our six easy steps to process an order for custom patches:


Step 1. A buyer sends their logo artwork; mentioned the required quantity, size, backing option (Velcro or Iron on), and other details for a price quote.


Step 2. We digitize/design* the logo and send back a virtual proof, and the price quote. We also mention the delivery time.


Step 3. The buyer approves the given price quote and makes the full payment in advance.


Step 4. We produce a sample for the final approval; we send a form with a photo of the pre-production sample.


Step 5. The buyer signs the approval form and sends back to us.


Step 6. We run the production and dispatch the order in the given time; we use DHL that takes 3-4 days to deliver in the US.


Quality Assurance Department

We have experienced staff who control the quality of our custom patches. Our quality controllers are experienced embroiderers with extensive experience in the custom embroidery industry.

Our QCs check design details, outlines, fill areas, and the back side of the custom patches to ensure the bobbin thread settings.

The following are NINE (9) steps our QCs follow:

  1. Check size; use a ruler to measure the finished size of the finished patches.
  2. Read all THE text/letters in a logo and match it with its original logo artwork.
  3. Check the puckering issues, using the fabric stabilizer, and thread trimming.
  4. Ensure the backing (Velcro/Iron on) is as per the instructions and applied correctly.
  5. Ensure the border type (Hot-Cut/Merrow), and the color is as per the instructions.
  6. Count the finished custom patches carefully; we send 3-5% additional custom patches.
  7. Ensure the quality of all the custom patches is 100%; we do not send any single custom patch with any little issues.
  8. Ensure the packing is nice and clean; we make small packets using the bobbin thread. We do not use rubber bands; rubber melts, and it may destroy some/all the custom patches in a package.
  9. Repeat all above-mentioned steps twice for every order. Print the checklist with every order and use a pen to mark each step.


Free Pantone* Color Matching

Why is Pantone matching important? Colors on a screen always different than the ones on the PMS* color book; matching PMS book colors with on-screen colors does not work. The only way to match the colors exactly, 100%, is using a physical PMS color book. If you are using a PDF PMS color book, you are accepting the difference in colors, slightly.


We match any thread or fabric colors with the given PMS color codes for free. It helps our customers to order the exact thread or fabric colors they need for a project. For background fabric, we use dye sublimation method to match the required PMS color.  We always try to match as close as possible but keep in mind that Pantone has over 3,000 colors. Madeira, the biggest embroidery thread brand, has around 500 thread colors. So, there is one thread color for six Pantone colors.

*Pantone Matching System also called PMS is the only global brand


Stitch-count Based Prices

Unlike other companies, we use the stitch-count based pricing method. It makes lots of sense when you use “pay as you go” pricing calculator. Size based prices are, sometimes, too much for a simple logo. The number of stitches varies logo to logo; a 3” round logo with 100% covered with stitches may have 15,000 to 25,000 stitches.

So, how do our competitors calculate the cost? Do you think they would base the cost on 15,000 stitches?

Absolutely NOT!    They always base their prices on the higher stitch-count.

Isn’t it unfair for you?     If so, stop being charged unfairly, TODAY!


An American Company with Overseas Manufacturing

We are a registered LLC company in the state of Texas. We receive our payments in our domestic bank accounts; we receive the traditional bank checks as well as the modern eChecks.

Only the US company can receive a bank check; if you would like to check a company’s origin, offer them a bank check. We also accept credit cards payments; especially, American Express; this is a local credit card issuer that is not accepted outside the US, usually.

Doing business with a TRUE American company means supporting the local economy.


Satisfaction is ACTUALLY Guaranteed Here!

We get written approval for each order for custom made patches; we request our customers to sign the approval form by hand. We state all the details, PMS / Madeira colors codes, and attach a photo of the pre-production sample. If we fail to produce exactly the same final product, we redo the whole/partial order. We also offer our store credit or a full/partial refund. This is our first priority to satisfy each and every customer. Fortunately, we do not have any single unhappy customer yet. We are in the business for a decade now!


Custom Patches No Minimum

Yes, this is 100% true!

If you need just one custom embroidered patch for your personal use, you are at the right place. We take orders for Custom Patches No Minimum!

Houston Embroidery Service has its one embroidery machines; that’s why we are able to offer our customer the flexibility to order custom patches no minimum. Here at Houston Embroidery Service, you can one, five or ten patches for your own need.


All Threads and Material Are Available Here!

Thread Options: Glow-in-the-Dark, Smooth Metallic, Twisted Metallic, Neon/Polyester with high shine, Fire resistant, and others.

Other Options: Reflective material, Fire resistant fabric, Real Leather, Felt,

Rhinestones, and other decorative options.

Please just let us know what exactly you need; we will do our best to create unique custom patches for you!

Note: You can flip the order of each item to make a second copy.



Free Design Setup

Converting an art file (a logo image) to an embroidery file called embroidery digitizing. We do not charge to digitize a logo for embroidered patches. The actual value for this service is around $30 for the small logos and $150 for jacket back logos, but we do it for free!

Yes, it is true! We are not kidding.

Please place an order for custom patches and see what we do.


Free Artwork Modification

All logos are not good for embroidery; some logos have too many tiny details, outlines, letters, and gradient effects. These types of logos are not “embroidery-friendly” We simply artworks to make them “embroidery-friendly” Please look at the below image:


Express Shipping by DHL

Unlike our competitors, we always use DHL or FedEx to delivery custom patches to our customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and other countries. We do not charge any single penny for the express shipping. DHL/FedEx delivers in 3-4 days in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the countries located in Western Europe. The delivery time is around a week for Eastern Europe, South Korea, and other countries.

Please note that we are not responsible for any import duties or taxes imposed by your customs department or official clearing agencies.


Price Quotes with Real Samples Photos*

We digitize all logos and then make real samples for each patch price quote. We do not charge for making a real embroidered patch sample / printed patch sample.

*We need a proof of your business name and address. You can provide one of the following documents to verify your business name and address:

Business registration certificate,

A utility bill displays your business name and address,

A credit card bill displays your business name and address,

A letter from the IRS displays your business name and address,

Or any official document that displays your business name and address.