Backing Options for Custom Patches

We make custom Velcro patches, custom Velcro hat patches, large iron on patches, custom sew on patches, sew on motorcycle patches, and sew on name labels.

We offer several backing and other options for custom embroidered patches, custom iron on clothing labels, woven patches, printed patches or dye sublimated patches, PVC patches or custom PVC badges, and custom leather patches. Please click here to check our leather patches.


Iron On Backing

It is a great and easy way to custom emblems and badges. All you need is a t-shirt heat-press machine or, even a home iron. Place the patch on the shirt or cap, you need cover it with a piece of thick 100% cotton fabric to prevent burning. We send instruction how to apply. Whether you have small or large iron on patches; iron on is a great backing. Sewing iron on patches is also possible. If you are sewing patches on hats, or sewing patches on leather vest, iron on backing allows you to do that. All iron on patches are sew on badges too (custom sew on patches). It does not have any issues. Please click here to check our custom patches.


Following are recommended emblems with iron on backing:

·        Embroidered letters – One of the most popular ways to personalize and customize shirts, caps, hats, golf bags, sports bags, backpacks, and similar products. Large iron on patches also good to decorate jackets.

·        Embroidery applique – Everyone loves tablecloths, table covers, cushions, pillow covers decorated with embroidery applique. Kids also put this product on their t-shirts, jeans, towels, and school bags.

·        Custom iron on labels – Small clothing companies use custom iron on labels to make a blank clothing article branded. This is the easiest way to start your own clothing line. There are several blank clothing suppliers who offer blank clothing at wholesale prices. Just buy from them and put your iron on fabric labels; isn’t super easy?

·        Printed patches – Dye sublimation printing method is getting more and more attention from the industry’s giants. Almost every clothing manufacturer is using this printing method. It easy and affordable. We produce printed large iron on patches with a nice border.

There is no backing for sew on motorcycle patches or sew on name labels; you need to use your sewing machine to attach sew on motorcycle patches or sew on name labels because they are large in size and you cannot attached using adhesive backing. Please click here to check our custom made patches.


Note: Iron on patches do not stick on 100% nylon, satin, and other similar fabrics. Please do some testing before placing an order.


Velcro Backing - Custom Velcro Patches

Custom Velcro patches can be woven or embroidered. The best use of Velcro is custom Velcro name patches for teams, doctors, or couches.


Following are a few very common and custom Velcro patches with Velcro backing to decorate clothing and apparel:

·        Velcro hat patches – It is very simple and handy to apply emblems on hats or caps using a small heat-press machine. A great backing for custom Velcro hat patches.

·        Velcro patches for backpacks – Student, especially young students love to decorate their backpacks with stickers and emblems. They keep changing their backpacks look; Velcro backing is a great and suitable for them.

·        Velcro patches for jackets – There are thousands of motorcycle clubs around the world, and millions of motorcyclists. They all wear specially designed jackets, especially, leather jackets and vest. They participate in many motorcycle events or biker rallies; Velcro backing allows them to be ready for the next event without buying new jackets, but custom emblems with Velcro. Firefighter Velcro patches and EMT Velcro patch, and tactical Velcro badges also have their importance.

Please note that custom Velcro patches cannot be use as custom sew on patches but sew on motorcycle patches or sew on name labels.


Lamination Film Backing also called Plastic Backing

If you need a nice and smooth look on the back of your custom sew on patches, you need this backing then. Emblems with this backing maintain their shape, even after many washes and constant use. They are sew on badges; it means they are applied to the clothing using a sewing machine. Remember, you cannot apply these patches using iron because they are sew on badges.


Button Loop

Many people do not like to put a logo on their shirts, permanently. They must put an embroidered badge on their chest when they visit a trade show or attend a business event. Button loops are great for them. Emblems with a button loop can also have iron on backing. Wearers can simply hang their branded emblems to a shirt button. We can add button loops to sew on name labels, custom sew on patches, custom Velcro hat patches, large iron on patches, sew on badges, and sew on motorcycle patches. We can attach this loop to small or large iron on patches as an optional attachment.


Hot-Cut Edge also called Satin-Stitch Edge

Instead of the standard rounded edges, hot-cut emblems have sharp, detailed edges. Great for emblems with fine levels of detail and intricate designs that really stand out!

Recommended for unusual shape; kiss-cut or custom-cut shape; we cannot use Merrow-machine to do edges of a “star” shape logo. We offer satin-stitch border at no additional cost. This is ideal for Custom Velcro Hat Patches, sew on motorcycle patches, custom Velcro patches, large iron on patches, and sew on badges.


Overlocked Border also called Merrow Border

Overlocked border is the standard and traditional method for fabric badges. First, we finish the embroidery then cut the emblems using a pair of scissors. Then we do the border; it requires additional time, material, and labor. Therefore, we charge some additional fee for Merrowed border. Sew on name labels, Custom Velcro Hat Patches, sew on badges, custom Velcro patches, and large iron on patches are suitable for merrow border. Please click here to see our custom embroidered patches.


Metallic Thread

Metallic threads are available in a few colors only; they project an attractive and beautiful look. It is more expensive than rayon viscose or polyester thread.








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