11 Apparels to Add to Your Wardrobe This Autumn/Winter

  • Sep 9, 2019

With the arrival of September, the autumn/winter season is officially here. It’s time to chuck the lightweight and breathable apparels from your wardrobe and stuff it with some clothes made from fur, leather and wool. But do you know exactly the apparels that you will need in this chilly season. Well, if you don’t know, we can surely guide you in this write-up.

Here we are going to mention some of the best autumn/winter apparels that you can consider while you do a revamp in your wardrobe:


1. Coats/Jackets

Autumn/winter is when the temperatures drops gradually and we need some kind of insulation to keep ourselves guarded from cold weather. So it is a time to layer yourself and you might need a couple of cozy and warm coats and jackets.

There are plenty of coats and jackets you can find in the market that might fit your style needs. From fur coat and denim jacket to trench coat and leather jacket with custom patches, you will have range of options when it comes to draping yourself under some thick skin. Depending on your particular requirements, you can buy a good coat or jacket to keep yourself warm in dropping temperatures.

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2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are excellent piece of clothing for layering as they are tight enough to give room to other apparels you can wear to drape yourself. Besides, they look extremely stylish and chic during winters when you go out wearing them with boots.

So you can buy a pair of skinny jeans to wear on a t-shirt or jersey that you can layer with a nice coat/jacket and you will be on your way to save yourself against dry and cold weather in this season.


3. Military-Inspired Apparels

Military-inspired apparels have that panache and flair that make it an evergreen form of clothing for people of any age and gender. Interestingly, military apparels are gaining more popularity nowadays for being more practical and utilitarian during daily lives of people.

This specific type of clothing is particularly suitable for autumn/winter season since it comes with multiple layers of clothing that keeps you at ease as the temperatures continues to rise. You too can have some military apparels and use custom embroidered patches on them so that you can look totally fashionable and outstanding.

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4. Blazer

A blazer is for every season but it is an exclusive item during the autumn/winter season. As the winter is approaching, it can be an excellent apparel that not only keeps yourself warm but you can also flaunt it over any formal and semi-formal dress. You can wear it during your everyday affairs, don it on the casual Friday as well as put it on for a formal social event.

A blazer is a versatile piece of layering that can go with a pair of jeans and chinos. So add some layer to your clothing this autumn/winter and buy some good blazers.


5. Capes

Capes is one clothing item women look forward to wear on the autumn/winter season. They give that quintessential look of a preppy girl. While it looked outlandish when it was first introduced in the nineteenth century, today it is the coolest outerwear you can wear on a formal and semi-formal occasion.

Capes are available in various designs and colors from tartan and checkered patterns to plaid black and you can put it on for the day and evening.


6. Culottes

This French-inspired clothing is a fad among girls who love these pants for their chic look. Culottes are cropped version of regular pants and go just below the knee. The good thing about these pants is that they are equally functional and you can wear them as a causal clothing without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable.

In fact, you can also wear these pants regularly in your office if the dress code permits something as casual and comfy as these short-length trousers.


7. Jumpsuit

If you want to glam yourself up this year, you can own a jumpsuit that you can wear on regular days or for any special event. A jumpsuit has the casualness of an informal dress and has the air of a formal dress which make it an elegant clothing to dress up and dress down.

A jumpsuit is a popular outfit for autumn/winter season and both men and women can add it to their wardrobe to look trendy and sophisticated in any setting.


8. Faux Fur Clothing

Fur has earned a bad name in recent years due to revelatory viral clips that showed the inhumane practices involved in killing of animals. The arrival of faux fur has turned the tables for the businesses who thrive on fur clothing made from fur of animals.

Being a responsible person, you too can buy clothes made from faux fur which not only keep you in style mojo but also do little damage to ecology of this world. Apparels like fur coat, fur boots and fur hats can be some fantastic items you can don in autumn/winter season.


9. Turtleneck

Everyone should have one turtleneck in their closet. The reason is that one turtleneck is enough to provide a foundation for adding on other apparels for layering. You can wear a shirt and jacket over a turtleneck and make a strong statement for your daily outdoor affairs.

A turtle neck has the element of being both a formal and casual wear. You can wear it for a formal business meeting and you can don it for an evening party.


10. Knitwear Clothing

Knitwear is a constant feature in every runway. Pieces like sweater, cardigans and jumper dress are some of the commonly seen items that we see on ramp shows. You can use knitwear to remain warm and cozy throughout the autumn/winter weather. When it will be heavy snow and sleet, the knitwear can be an ultimate covering to keep you at ease during those moments.


11. Leather Boots

Leather boots are the best guard for your feet during the dry season of autumn and winter. A pair of leather boots is just the right item to protect your feet from exposing in cold weather that deprive them from humidity and make them look dry. So get a pair of leather boots from a good brand and save your feet from looking bad.

And that’s all. Autumn/winter is the time when you redo your wardrobe. Here are some of the clothing items you can consider before you look into your wardrobe for a revamp.






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