5 Eco-Friendly Promo Products Ideas That Will Help You Save the Earth

  • Jan 17, 2019

Promo products are the marketing collateral of your company, and they are as much as part of your business as your original products. So they do have an impact on your brand image. Therefore, you must give a thought to your promo products before you jump into their production.

The best way you can encourage your leads to become a part of your business is by giving away eco-friendly promo products. Eco-friendly promo products are made from environmental-friendly materials that have little to no effect on the environment.

We are living in a world where global warming kills more people than terrorist attacks. According to a survey by World Health Organization (WHO), climate change is likely to cause 250, 000 deaths between the years 2030 and 2050.

However, the adverse climatic effects are not restricted to only human life, and a sizable population of marine life is also under threat. A report by National Geographic has some eye-opening facts regarding the ailing marine life. According to the results of the story, 18 billion plastics is thrown into the coastal area every year. Now this plastic trash becomes a cause of death of many marine animals who ingest them. 

Promo products make up a big part of the trash that lands in the seabed. The majority of businesses gift tote bags and bottles as promo products to their customers and plastic is the chief component in both of these products. A large portion of these products goes into the beach area, and they end up in the ocean where they become the food source of marine animals only to kill them.

The negative impact of global warming insinuates that businesses join hands and offer an eco-friendly policy to do their bit in making this world a safe place to live and giving away environmental-friendly promo products is one way to serve this purpose.

Besides, people love to associate with companies that can give some value to their life and offer beyond a product or service. With eco-friendly promo products, you can play a significant role in improving their quality of life and promote your brand at the same time.

To help you play your role in this cause, we present here the five best eco-friendly promo product ideas that will allow you to sell your brand and protect the environment as well:

1. Corn Plastic Mug

Corn Plastic Mug

Image Courtesy: How Stuff Works

A mug is another common item that businesses give to their employees and customers to promote their brand. The majority of these cups use either ceramic or paper material as a component. But do you know that they both pose environmental hazards?

Paper cups with custom patches are a common sight in a workplace where they serve as coffee carriers. While the companies use them with a “recyclable” label, they don’t always reach a recycling facility.

If we believe a report published by the Environmental Audit Committee of the United Kingdom, the country alone throws 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year. Of the total figure, only 1% of these coffee cups are recycled. This report proves that paper cups are a serious concern for the environment.

On the other hand, a ceramic cup is a less energy-efficient option as it requires washing and cleaning which means the consumption of energy. Tern Goods shares a comparative analysis of disposable and reusable cup regarding their eco-friendly value. According to the results of the study, a ceramic mug needs more than 100 uses to counter the consumption of energy that goes into its production.

A corn plastic cup is a much better alternative to ceramic cup or paper cup. This cup uses compostable corn plastic as the chief constituent which becomes a food of bacteria after the user discards the cup. A corn plastic cup is a more environmental-friendly promo product that you can offer to your customers and save the planet.


2. Recyclable Plastic Pens

Recyclable Plastic Pens

Image Courtesy: Hungry For Living

When was the last time did you attend a promotional event and got free pens from the organizers with custom made patches on them? Well, I’m sure that you must have many instances in your memory. Pens are perhaps the most common promo products that people get in a promotional event. But are they safe for the environment? The honest answer is “no.”

The majority of companies who gift pens use non-recyclable plastic which adds to the environmental hazards. However, there are eco-friendly items for this promo gift. Many companies manufacture pens from recyclable plastic which can make a good promo product for your brand. So even if your customers chuck the pens away, they will be recycled.


3. Recycled Laptop Bag

Recycled Laptop Bag

Image Courtesy: Recycled Laptop Bag

Rewarding your employees is a part of branding your business and what can be a better way to do it than using a leather laptop bag with custom back patches. Leather laptop bags are the most common form of promo products that employers offer to their employees as a token of appreciation. 

But we know that leather is acquired after the loss of animal life. In other words, this gift is the price of animal life. So does it worth it?

But if you love leather and want to present this as a gift to your employees, then a recycled laptop bag can be an environmental-friendly alternative. The material used in this product is a repurposed leather, and an animal doesn’t have to sacrifice his life. So the next time you plan to gift your best employees, you can consider the recycled leather laptop bag.


4. Recyclable Water Bottle

Recyclable Water Bottle

Image Courtesy: IKEA

Water bottles are among the most common promo product items that companies offer to their consumers with a custom embroidered name patch. They are also among the most common plastic items that reach the oceans.

To reduce the environmental damage of these products, you need to replace them with biodegradable plastic that can be decomposed by the bacteria. So the consumer can throw them in a landfill, and the bacteria will eat them away.


5. 100% Organic Cotton Bag

100% Organic Cotton Bag

Image Courtesy: Eco Bags

A tote or bag is another common promo product that businesses gift to their customers. The majority of these bags are manufactured from non-recyclable plastic which is a menace for the environment. A better alternative to this bag is a 100% organic cotton bag which is made from the natural farming process, and it doesn’t require the spray of pesticide and herbicide that contain toxic chemicals which kill the environment.

A cotton bag with custom sew on patches not only reduces the adverse environmental effects, but it is also light in weight which makes it easier to carry around. Your customer will be thankful to you for this thoughtful product.

Being a business, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of life on this planet and make it free from environmental hazards. By giving away eco-friendly promo products, you can make a good start towards making this world a safe and secure place for life.







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