7 Greatest Fashion Designers Who Revolutionized Fashion Industry

  • Jan 17, 2019

The fashion industry has evolved with time, and today it is a billion-dollar business. The incredible growth of this industry has the contribution of many people who glorified the art of dressing

This article will take a look at some of the greatest designers of the fashion industry who shaped this business. Here they are:


1. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani



Image Courtesy: WWD

Giorgio Armani is the poster child of the fashion industry. From working as a window dresser to making a global brand, Giorgio Armani treaded a long journey to become a household name in the fashion world. He got phenomenal popularity during the 1980s for his men’s suit that featured notched lapels.

From then on, he went on to diversify into the different style of clothing and accessories. By the 1990s, he was the most prominent Italian designer who made clothes for every size, gender, and body type. Today, Armani is the third largest Italian brand in terms of revenue.

2. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel


Image Courtesy: The Famous People

One of the most influential names in the fashion arena, Coco Chanel is credited with revolutionizing the women’s clothing during the early twentieth century. After a failed stint as a cabaret singer, she turned couturier and launched her own clothing line with the financing of her beau.

She carved her own niche with looser clothing which gave refuge to the women from the form-fitting style of apparel during the early 1900s era. She launched her iconic product ‘Chanel No. 5’ in 1921, and it became an instant hit among the women. Chanel has earned a distinct name in haute couture, and it has set a new benchmark in women’s clothing.


3. Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Image Courtesy: Marie Claire

The rich legacy of Christian Dior must deserve mention in this list. After dabbling in the art field, he needed some more meaningful work that could gratify him and then he got a chance to open his apparel store with help from Marcel Boussac. And as they say, the rest is history.

Christian Dior changed the women clothing by making designs that would accentuate the body of the women. His clothing line would bring out the appeal in a female body. This new style of couture got the name ‘New Look’ by the media. His original idea of clothing resonated with both the elite and layman. 

He went on to create a conglomerate that manufactured apparels with custom patches of his brand. It turned out to be a fresh breath of air in the fashion industry.

4. Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace

Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair

The untimely death of Gianni Versace left the world of fashion in grief. But his legacy continues to influence the fashion enthusiasts. Gianni Versace transformed the fashion trend during the 1980s and 1990s with his flamboyant wardrobe that used lively colors and rich designs. He highlighted the women sexuality with his bold cuts.

Gianni Versace was extremely outstanding in marketing his brand. He pioneered the idea of using Hollywood celebrities in the fashion shows. He introduced many fashion models and made them an overnight star. After his unfortunate death, the business was taken over by his brother Santo Versace who turned it into an international brand.

5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

 Image Courtesy: Famous Fashion Designers

After enrolling in the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, Calvin Klein got an apprentice opportunity at an apparel manufacturer. From there, he created designs that wooed people of all ages. His designs were simple and minimal. 

In 1968, he opened his store of coats with his friend Barry Schwartz. Luckily, he got his first order in no time when a customer bumped into his store by accident. He earned $50,000 from that client.

Since then, there was no looking back for him. He diversified his clothing line and added more variety with custom embroidered patches. His new clothing line included the leisurewear that became his signature outfit. For the Americans, it was a more functional and comfortable alternative than the sportswear from French brands. Media called it ‘The Calvin Klein Look.’

Calvin Klein cashed in the instant media attention he got from the leisurewear, and soon he launched a marketing campaign in which he employed the supermodels to showcase his products. One of the commercials featured Brooke Shield which stirred controversy for its suggestive content.

The success of Calvin Klein is the story of emerging fashion industry of America during the 1970s and 1980s, and it is considered the trailblazer in the casual wear in the American fashion industry.

6. Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Levi Strauss is the pioneer of blue jeans which is the iconic piece of clothing in the fashion industry. He founded the Levi Strauss & Co. along with his partner Jacob Davis in 1853 after they invented copper rivets that could reinforce the jeans. Jacob Davis patented the jeans under his name and then began the era of rugged denim jeans.

The blue jeans became a favorite piece of clothing of the ranchers who further popularized this new item of clothing. It became a symbol of swaggers of the twentieth century. In 1873, they started producing the jeans for the working class, and it became an everyday clothing item by the end of the nineteenth century. 

In 1923, the company registered ‘Levi’s’ as the trademark of Levi Strauss & Co. At that time, it was common for the local manufacturers to copy Levi’s products and someone must have told Levi Strauss something like “why don’t you make your own patch?”

Even after more than a century, Levi’s is the largest manufacturer of jeans and dominates the North American and European regions. The story of Levi Strauss & Co. is a result of the ingenuity of Levi Strauss who gave a classic piece of clothing to the world in the form of “jeans.”

7. Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada

Image Courtesy: Vicki Archer

Miuccia Prada couldn’t unleash her true potential until she took over the leather business of her grandfather in 1978. A doctorate of political science and mime by profession, Miuccia Prada knew that she has a good sense of aesthetics. Her gut feeling proved right when she acquired the business of her grandfather and converted it into a billion-dollar company.

She got her first significant success in 1985 when she launched nylon handbags and backpacks which became a rage and the sales of the company skyrocketed. Just as she used the custom patches for clothes, she used the ‘Prada’ logo in the accessories.

In 1989, she launched her first off-the-rack apparels that got the attention of the buyers. She was praised for her use of new fabrics and designs.

These are the most celebrated designers who are known for their breakthrough products that were praised for their creative designs, comfort, and style. Let us know about your opinion in the comment section.







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