A List of Most Popular Types of Hats

  • Nov 1, 2019

The history of hats goes back as far as the history of mankind. Though, there is no official date of the first hat, we can say that it has remained part of man’s clothing from the earliest times. Hats have changed their construction and style in modern times and evolved as a style statement that people wear using custom patches.

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This list shows some of the most popular and elegant hats that can add more panache to your look. Let’s check them out one by one:



Fedora is the most precious possession in wardrobe of both men and women. This chic hat is known for its style and can look fantastic on any outfit. Fedora became popular after it was worn by Sarah Bernhardt in the play “Fedora” in 1889. Now you know that why it is called fedora.

For years, fedora was considered a hat of the mobsters. But things changed when Harrison Ford wore this hat in his epic role as Indiana Jones. Today, fedora is a favorite hat for fashionistas who can wear it on a sunny day to look chic and fashionable.



When London milliners Thomas and William Bowler made bowler hat, they must not have thought that it would become a symbol of style one day. It is a hard felt hat that is characterized by its short brim and round crown. Bowler hat is seen many times in Hollywood movies by famous characters like John Cleese and Charlie Chaplin.

It is as cool today as it was in the past and has remained a staple piece of clothing for fashion enthusiasts who can’t compromise on their style while they are in the outdoors. Bowler hat looks best on formal wear, such as a three-piece suit or a tuxedo.



Trilby is another stylish hat known for its elegant look. It has a striking resemblance with fedora but it is different from fedora in material, construction and style. Unlike a fedora, Trilby is made from straw and tweed and it has a taller crown and smaller brim.

Trilby is often worn by musicians and rock stars who wear it to create a style aura. It is also a common headgear for the royalty and many royals have worn it in their public appearances including Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth.


Baseball Cap

The origin of baseball cap is connected with history of baseball game which is suggested in its name. However, it got much popularity after hat makers started using latex rubber in this cap during 1940s. The other thing that has changed over all these years is its brim which has become longer.

A baseball cap is the hottest item in replica market since people use custom made patches of different people, brands or team names on this cap. You too can wear this cap using letters, logos or names of your favorite celeb, brand or a sports team and wear it to build an attention-grabbing outdoor look.

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Flat Cap

Known as bonnet in earlier times, the history of flat cap can be traced back to nineteenth century when it was worn by British people. Flat caps became popular when Americans started donning them during the 1920s era. Since then, they have become a stylish piece of clothing for style nerds.

Flat caps are made from wool, cotton and tweed which make it an apt headgear for any season. A flat cap is suitable to wear on an informal or casual apparels and looks best on layered clothing. A flat cap is also a common sight on a golf course where golfers don it avoid the sun glare.


Newsboy Cap

People often mistake a newsboy cap for a flat cap but the two are different types of hats. Unlike a flat cap, a newsboy cap has a fuller and rounder body and uses a button on the top. In addition, it has a paneled construction which distinguishes it from a flat cap.

Newsboy cap emerged as a clothing accessory in nineteenth century but it was not until 2000s that it got much popularity thanks to David Beckham, Brian Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio. Today, it is worn by celebs, fashionistas and style buffs who wear it over formal and informal wear.


Panama Hat

Panama hat has its origins from Ecuador where it is made from plaited leaves. Panama hats became popular when miners from California Gold Rush wore this hat. Panama hats are not characterized by their style and rather known by their chief material known as Toquilla straw. It can be shaped into various styles but the fedora style is the most popular among the people.


Boater Hat

Boater hat came into limelight during the nineteenth and twentieth century when barbershop quartet wore them during their performances. But today, a boater hat is a thing of style and is worn by people who have a higher taste in fashion.

A boater hat is made of straws and has a wide brim, flat top and a short crown which make it a perfect hat for the summer season. It is a semi-formal hat which can be donned over a blazer or coat.


Cloche Hat

A cloche hat is a woman hat that has a round top and bell shape which inspires its French name “Cloche” meaning a “bell.” Cloche hat is made from felt which gives it a soft texture and which is why it drapes on the face. The other thing that distinguishes this hat from others are the embroideries and decorations that are visible on brim of this hat.

The construction of cloche hats makes it a suitable headwear for majority of occasions and you can wear it with both formal and informal clothing.

These are some of the most popular hats that you can wear over a formal or informal clothing. Make them a part of your wardrobe to to enhance your look.