A Look at 10 Iconic Uniforms from Major League Baseball (MLB)

  • Jan 16, 2019

Baseball is the national sport of United States of America, and its popularity has grown tremendously over the years. Part of the popularity of this sport is associated with the Major League Baseball (MLB) which hosts the best teams from baseball wearing the most attractive uniforms with an assortment of colors and custom patches.

This article will take a look at some of the famous baseball uniforms the world has ever seen. Here we go:

1. Baltimore Orioles (1966)

Baltimore Orioles

Image Courtesy: Weebly

Baltimore Orioles is among the eight chartered teams in the American league. It has won three World Series titles in the years 1966, 1970, and 1983. 1966 was also when Baltimore Orioles got the attention of the world with its striking outfit. 

The team wore a white uniform for the home league, while it donned gray outfit for the road tournament. The jersey showed the name of the franchise written across the chest.

However, the most prominent design element in their uniform was the logo of smiling bird on the cap that was embroidered on the hat just like custom embroidered patches. It became a constant feature of their kit for the next 55 years, and this uni became an iconic outfit in the history of MLB league.


2. Oakland Athletics (1972)

Oakland Athletics

Image Courtesy: Sports Logos

Oakland Athletics has won nine titles in MLB league. In 1972, the team wore the classic double-knitted jerseys in solid green and gold which became a rage in and off the field. The side stripe pants, striped sleeves, and yellow socks were the other major attractions in the uniform. 

And who can forget the famous “A” in Sans-A belt? All in all, it was a great design and looked terrific on the players.


3. New York Yankees (1949-Present)

New York Yankees

Image Courtesy: Elite Sports NY

New York Yankees are the real champions in Major League Baseball who have many winning streaks to their credit during the 1930s and 1950s. It has an outstanding record of winning 27 world series. New York Yankees have been consistent with their choice of uniform, and they have strong reasons to do that. 

Firstly, the uniform features the famous pinstripes that have become synonymous with the franchise. And secondly, it uses the most iconic interlocked “NY” logo which gives true identity to this team from New York. Overall, it has stayed true to the test of time and is still ranked among the best outfits in the history of MLB.


4. Pittsburgh Pirates (1977-1979)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The winner of 4 World Series titles, the outfit of Pittsburgh Pirates have changed many times over the years with the only exception of the “P” logo on the cap that remained the same all these years. 

However, the period between 1977-1979 was the golden era of the team. During this time, it not only won the World Series trophy but also experimented with six various kits in three different colors that included white, black, and gold. They called it “mix and match.” The pillbox hat was the show-stealer, and it became synonymous with the franchise of Pittsburgh Pirates.


5. Cleveland Indians (1970s)

Cleveland Indians

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Cleveland Indians became famous during the 1970s for two major reasons: mustaches and red kit. The knitted polyester outfit looked fantastic on the afros. The Greek font style caught the eyes of the viewers and the “C” logo on the cap made a style statement. The kit was instrumental in popularizing the franchise during the 1970s era.


6. Boston Red Sox (1908)

Boston Red Sox

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Boston Red Sox is listed among the most successful teams of MLB with 9 World Series titles. The team wore its best kit in 1908 when it donned a lace-up T-shirt in white color with the stocking logo across the chest in red color. It was the first time when it started wearing the red sox which led to the name of this franchise. Though the outfit of this team has gone through minor changes with time, the red sox are still part of this franchise.


7. Chicago White Sox (1982)

Chicago White Sox

Image Courtesy: Povich Center

The design of 1982 uniform of Chicago White Sox has an interesting backstory. When Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn acquired the franchise in 1981, they ran a contest and invited the fans to design the next kit for the franchise. They ended up with a design from Richard Launius.

It featured the name “SOX” on the chest in a blue strip with red borders, while the sleeves had red and blue stripes. It proved to be a lucky outfit for the franchise as it won 99 competitions as well as the AL Championship.


8. New York Mets (1986)

New York Mets

Image Courtesy: ESPN

The year 1986 was the game-changer for New York Mets as they won their second World Series trophy. The year also marked the 25th anniversary of this franchise which they promoted with custom uniform patches on the left sleeve of their jersey.

The blue color of the jersey added an element of royalty to the uniform, while the orange lettering infused a sense of enthusiasm. The interlocked letters “NY” on the hat looked as classic as they always did. It was certainly one of the best outfits in history of the MLB league.


9. Houston Astros (1975-1983)

Houston Astros

Image Courtesy: Reddit

The most iconic uniforms of the Houston Astros, this “Rainbow Uniform” of Houston Astros emerged after the rebranding of the franchise when it moved to a new stadium “The Astrodome.” The new uniform had the yellow and orange strips on the front with the imagery of star on the left side of the chest.

It also printed the name and number of player on the back. It also became the first franchise to show the numbers on the trousers. The outfit was in sync with the changing fashion trend of the 1970s when people began wearing the pullovers.

10. Chicago White Sox (1976)

Chicago White Sox

Image Courtesy: Mop Up Duty

When Chicago White Sox appeared in 1976 MLB league wearing shorts, it marked the beginning of short pants in a major baseball league. Chicago White Socks is also the first team in the history of MLB to use the last names of players on their uniforms. So when it comes to style, it has a few milestones to its credit. 

The year 1976 saw a new kit of Chicago White Socks when white, and blue became the primary colors of their uniforms instead of the red. The jersey had the name “Chicago” on front and the “SOX” on the cap. The other notable addition was the V-neck pullover which was popular during the 1970s. It was the best combination of colors and designs the team has ever used in its games.

Hope you liked these uniforms from MLB league. Keep reading to know more about the best outfits in the history of sports.





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