Check Out These 10 Best Examples of Promo Products

  • Jan 3, 2019

Promo products are marketing items that allow a brand to increase awareness of its business and engage with the leads. Promo products are a big part of your branding process as it helps your business create the right brand image and stay longer in the memory of your clientele.

Just like making a logo or creating custom patches, giving away promo product is also an art that involves a creative process. However, every creative professional seeks inspiration of earlier works of the people. So before you kick-start your campaign for promo products, you need to get inspiration from previous works. To help you with this job, we bring here examples of some of the best promo product ideas that will inspire creative ideas. Here they are:


1. Twitter Scavenger Hunt by Tony Hawk

This one is really creative. Professional skater Tony Hawk takes advantage of his popularity on Twitter to promote his brand and runs a promo product campaign. In 2009, he launched the campaign Tony Hawk’s Twitter Hunt with hashtag #THTH. The gimmick uses the idea of a treasure hunt, and it quickly infused the interest of his followers.

 Tony Hawk

Image Courtesy: Twitter


The gifts are packed in a box which was hidden somewhere in different cities. It included items like skateboards, smartphones, apparels, toys, videos games, stereos, guitar, and bicycles that have custom made patches.

Upon finding the items, the people had to reply to the Tony Hawk with the photo of the thing so that other people know about it. Now it is an annual campaign that starts on April 15 every year. The sheer ingenuity of this idea makes it the top promo product idea on our list.


2. Straws by Y+ Yoga Center

This straw by Y+ Yoga Center shows the absolute ingenuity of design you can use in a promo product. The company neither uses the image of a celebrity nor does it use custom embroidered patches to promote its brand. 

 Ads of the World

Image Courtesy: Ads of the World

In fact, it shows the image of a woman on the bending part of a straw. The image is astutely placed on the piece as it transforms the shape of a woman when it is bent, and it looks like a yoga posture. Well, we must say that it is very thoughtful.


3. Dog Frisbee Giveaway by IAMS

IAMS is a famous brand that sells pet food. To put across the image of its brand, it gives away Frisbee with the phrase “Strong Dogs” along with the name “IAMS.” The unique thing about this product is that it shows the Frisbee in the shape of a barbell.


Image Courtesy: Buzz Feed

With this promo product, IAMS Dog conveniently puts across the idea that it produces highly nutritious products that ensure the health of the pets.


4. Lollipop by Colgate

This is another outstanding promo product by Colgate. In a bid to raise awareness for dental hygiene, Colgate shares lollipop to its customers which has a toothbrush-shaped stick with a message “Don’t forget.”


Image Courtesy: Ads of the World

The idea is to encourage more people to brush their teeth after consuming sweets. That’s really clever!


5. Eraser-Shaped USB Device by Alzheimers New Zealand

Alzheimers New Zealand is an organization that serves the cause to raise awareness about dementia as well as promoting the practices that keep dementia at bay. To spread the word of its organization, it rolled out an eraser-shaped USB device. The one side of USB shows the logo of Alzheimers New Zealand, while the other side has the message “Alzheimer’s Erasers. Your Memories. Save Them.”

 Alzheimers New Zealand

Image Courtesy: The Inspiration Room

This unique idea got a phenomenal response from people, and it went on to win the “Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.” The success of its campaign boosted the morale of the organization and today it continues to push its message across the world.


6. Shark Week Surfboards by Discovery Channel

The “Shark Week” is a top-rated program on Discovery Channel. It features various shows about sharks and how they live in the marine ecosystem. To increase publicity of the program, Discovery Channel began a marketing campaign and started giving away surfboards to people on Australian beaches. The surfboards featured the logo of the organization and showed the date and time of the program.

 Discovery Channel

Image Courtesy: Toxel


It was certainly a shrewd move by the Discovery Channel as it did manage to infuse interest of people and it increased the ratings of Shark Week.


7. Pickpocket’s Hands by Brussels Airlines

An airport is a hot place for pickpockets and thieves. Brussels Airlines was quick to adopt an idea to raise awareness about this issue to their clients. To make more people aware of the conmen who can trick people and steal their belongings at the airport, it put a pickpocket’s Hands in the bags of people who have not secured their belongings. The hand was imprinted with the name of Brussel Airlines.

 Brussels Airlines

Image Courtesy: Alsco

The message was clear. If you leave your belongings unsecured, you will fall prey to the pickpockets roaming around the airport. The message resonated with the customers of Brussel Airlines and helped promote its brand.


8. Holiday Cups by Starbucks

Starbucks celebrates the holiday with red cups. It started the campaign in 1977 for the first time, and it is doing incredibly well since then. In 2016, Starbucks did something unusual from the tradition. This time, it invited the people to create the artworks for its holiday cups, and the response was overwhelming.


Image Courtesy: Delish

One thousand and two hundred people from thirteen countries submitted the designs to Starbucks. All the designs were excellent. Finally, Starbucks accepted thirteen designs from six countries and used them on its holiday cups. It created a surprise element in the people who created the designs and gave a boost to sales of Starbucks.


9. Scratch Sticker by Novocortex

When VrijVerzekerd approached Novocortex to promote its car insurance business, the company came up with a fantastic idea. It pasted the scratch sticker to cars of random people. 


Image Courtesy: Novocortex

So when the people look closely at the scratches on their cars, they read a text “We repair your damages as easily as you remove this sticker” along with contact information of VrijVerzekerd. What can we say? Novocortex did an excellent job and increased the brand awareness of Novocortex.


10. Happiness Truck by Coca-Cola

In 2011, Coca-Cola started a marketing campaign with the name “Happiness Truck.” The truck became the walking advertisement of the beverage brand when it started roaming around different cities and giving away free stuff to people. 


Image Courtesy: Dantri

It was a great thought as it attracted people from local areas and increased publicity of Coca-Cola. That’s quite a cool idea!

Hey! Did you get inspired from these promo product ideas? Well, indeed they are the best among the long list of promo products. We will mention more of them in our upcoming posts. So keep reading our blog to stay inspired.