Getting the Most from Auto-Digitizing Software

  • Oct 24, 2018

Getting the Most from Auto-Digitizing Software

The advancement of today’s technology has elevated computerized embroidery designs & graphics skills into a higher level of creativity. With better standards invoke, it’s now effortless to edit and recreate embroidery designs for business shirts, school uniforms, promotional polo shirts, and embroidered patches. All the embroidery companies and embroidered patches suppliers need embroidery designs for their clients’ logos. Some embroidery companies order custom patches online instead of doing the work themselves.


From past till present, manual embroidery craft or hand embroidery has been a highly regarded craft that is considerably time-consuming and requires many efforts and set of skills to complete an embroidered design on a piece of cloth. In this era, with the new trend of embroidery digitizing software and the machine, the embroidered products and embroidered patches became quite affordable. It is because the method of creating an embroidery design and embroidering is now streamlined and made more comfortable using an easy to follow computer program and a digital embroidery machine.


More than ever, embroidery artwork digitizing software creators (called embroidery digitizers) are available presently both in offline and online markets. The online embroidery digitizers are professional, quick and affordable. They digitize logos manually. They are best for business logo digitizing. Whereas, a home-based dressmaker or sewing professional with little or no experience in embroidery digitizing will now easily create some simple embroidery designs with auto-digitizing software.


Auto-digitizing software makes creating embroidery designs for home products (Not for embroidered patches) fun and exciting. It boosts the capability and skills of embroiderers to enable them to develop simple embroidery designs for non-professional products, quickly. Using auto-digitizing software, an un-experienced embroidery digitizer (an embroiderer, actually) can put different types of Stitch-Pattern and techniques together to get a unique and smooth embroidery design. Auto-digitizing software is recommended to digitize simple logos, artworks, large numbers & large letters for non-professional products, but not for embroidered patches.


The difference between vector design software and embroidery auto-digitizing software is that auto-digitizing software converts an image or logo to an embroidery file (like dst) that an embroidery machine can read. Please remember, the logo image must be high quality with at least 300 DPI if you better output. Auto-digitizing software can read a high-quality vector image and digitize it automatically. Most auto-embroidery digitizing programs have built-in features such as zigzag underlay, pull compensation, adjustment of density, and others. What you get from auto-digitizing software is a low-quality simple design that can be embroidered on non-professional products.


The last thing that you must understand is that auto-digitizing software cannot provide you with the quality you need for a business logo. If you need a logo for business shirts or uniform for the local sports team, you cannot get digitized that logo using the auto-digitizing software. You must need a human digitizer. So, if anyone is telling you that auto-digitizing software will eliminate your digitizing cost, he or she has no idea about this tool, auto-embroidery digitizing.


Auto-digitizing software is useful when you digitize embroidery designs for “non-professional” products. The examples are baby’s clothing, blankets, towels, quilts, table clothes, and similar products. Do not use auto-digitizing software for a business logo that you are going to put on some caps or shirts. Business logos have lots of tiny details, small letters, many outlines, and other details that are not possible to be done using the auto-digitizing software. You must need a human to digitize a business logo.

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