Holiday Promotions: 13 Excellent Promo Products to Gift Your Customers During Holidays

  • Feb 21, 2019

Holidays are the right time to promote your brand and sell your best products. The period between Christmas and New Year is when the majority of people will be taking a break from work to spend some money on traveling and shopping which makes it a perfect time to promote your brand with promo products.

But if you are running short of ideas for holiday promo products, we present here a list of some of the best promo products you can give to your customers:


1. Wearable Outdoor Blanket

Wearable Outdoor Blanket

Image Courtesy: UK MSG Mall 

Holiday is a time for camping and trekking. In cold regions like North America and Europe, this can have effects on your body temperature, and this is where wearable outdoor blanket comes into play. A wearable outdoor blanket comes with a hood that the wearer can put on to stay protected from chilly weather while he is on the roads.


2. Chocolates


Image Courtesy: Carte Blanche Product

Everyone loves chocolates, and they can be a great companion for travelers who feel bored and hungry on long flights. Of course, they can get some candies and choco bars from the airlines, but they will not have the custom patches and logos of your company. 

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Therefore, you can order the chocolates from the best brands and put them in a customized jar that has the logo and name of your company.

3. Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Image Courtesy: IKEA

We all have mugs in our home but a travel mug is a different stuff, and this is why people carry them for journey. This mug is insulated to keep the liquid cool or warm during a long journey. Besides, it is secured with a cover that prevents spillages from the mug.

So while people are driving a car or trekking, they can take little sips of coffee and energy drink without worrying about the spillages, and the logo of your company remains in front of their eyes.


4. Mesh Cap

Mesh Cap

Image Courtesy: Amazon

A holiday journey involves a lot of time in the outdoors which can be a risk to skin. With a mesh cap, you can help your customers protect themselves in the hot sunny days. A mesh cap with custom Velcro hat patches of your company will give more exposure to your company as people move around a city for shopping and traveling and catch the attention of the onlookers.

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5. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Image Courtesy: LG

Bluetooth speakers are a fad now, and they are an excellent time-killer for travelers. People who have a penchant for music love this device for its portability and high-quality sound. You too can gift your customers a pair of Bluetooth speakers that they can carry to their long road trip and while they are camping.


6. Inverted Umbrella

Inverted Umbrella

Image Courtesy: Primo Promo

An inverted umbrella has an innovative design to save people from rainwater. While a traditional umbrella keeps people safe during the rain, the umbrella spoils their mood when it comes in contact with their belongings.

However, an inverted umbrella keeps the stuff of people in dry condition due to its innovative design. An inverted umbrella with custom made patches of your company will be a savior for your customers during the rain and will serve as an advertisement for your company.

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7. Serving Board

Serving Board

Image Courtesy: Gifts Less Ordinary

Food is integral to the idea of a perfect holiday, and this is where this promo product comes handy. A serving board with logo and name of your company will catch the eyes of the guests every time they will pick something from the serving board. Until they finish their food, the brand identity of your company will be etched in their memory.


8. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Image Courtesy: PC Mag

On a long flight or a drive to an outback area, a drained out battery can complicate things and spoil the mood of people. In that event, a portable charger can turn on their mood. With a portable charger, you can save the day of your customers and give them a strong reason to remember you as a rescuer which makes it an excellent holiday promo product.


9. Backpack


Image Courtesy: Target

On holidays, it can be tempting for people to pack their bags and go for trekking. At that time, a backpack will be their immediate necessity. Besides, they can carry it during the flight or when they are leaving for an intercity drive. A backpack with custom embroidered patches of your company will prepare the people for a trip and sell your brand to the onlookers.

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10. Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Image Courtesy: Amazon

A holiday is about shopping and more shopping. But it can be frustrating when people don’t have the extra bags to carry that roadside stuff that never fit into their hands. To help your customers avoid this ordeal, you can gift them some tote bags that will free their hands so that they can take pleasure of their shopping spree.


11. Laptop/Tablet Padfolios

Laptop/Tablet Padfolios

Image Courtesy: eBay

People are so engrossed in their work that they need to take help of mobile technology to stay connected to their work even they are on holidays. To help people continue doing their most urgent work while they are on an excursion, a padfolio can be a good investment. A padfolio with a logo and name of your brand will continue to strike a thought in your customers about your brand.


12. Shoe-Polish Kit

Shoe-Polish Kit

Image Courtesy: Amazon

Yeah, you read it right! Traveling can take its toll on the style of your customers. While they can adjust their suits after a long trip and do the makeup and hairdo, they can’t find any immediate solution for the debris on their shoes. With a shoe-polish kit, you can give them a quick fix of the issue. A shoe-polish kit with the brand identity of your company on the bag will be effective to promote the name of your business.


13. Flashlight


Image Courtesy: Amazon

For customers who love going to long drive, a flashlight is a handy tool to search their valuable belongings and avoid the fumbles during the night. To make the journey safe for your customers, you can gift them a LED flashlight with the logo of your company.

Holidays offer the right opportunity to promote your brand and spread the word of your business. These promo products make a perfect combination of branding and practicality.






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