How Much Should You Pay for a Digitized Logo for a Cap?

  • Oct 22, 2018

How Much Should You Pay for a Digitized Logo for a Cap?

A very common question that comes up frequently among the embroiderers and Custom Patches manufacturers who want to buy the embroidery digitizing service is finding out how much it actually cost. It is quite tricky to calculate a fixed or quick digitizing cost for an Embroidery Design or Embroidered Patches. However, there are a few approaches one could use to get a roughly estimated cost.

In this article, we highlight the two most popular cost models all embroidery digitizing companies use to charge their clients. They are:


Flat Price


Stitch-Count Price


Flat Price - Let’s discuss the flat pricing method first, this costing model uses a set or fixed price to determine how much an Embroidered Patches manufacture pays, a flat fee is charged based on the size of the embroidery design for shirts or Embroidered Patches. It is irrelevant if the embroidery design is simple or complex, what matters is the size of the embroidery design and the placement. This costing model is best for the companies whose embroidery designs or brand image carry complex patterns. Like a sophisticated logo or design with lots of filled areas. This pricing method is more affordable than the stitch-count pricing model which is determined by the number of stitches on the cap logo or Embroidered Patches.


An embroidery design or logo for the chest (left for the men and right for women, usually) placement for a polo shirt, workwear, or jacket sized around 3.5” in width. If the logo has a vertical object or graphic, the max height can be 3”. The size can be increased for men’s shirts or jackets. For a baseball or golf cap, the standard size is 2.25” high. If the cap is a “high profile” then we can go up to 2.5” high.


So, all the logos for left chest, sleeve, and caps placements are charged at the same rate. The average price is $25 for a logo no larger than 5” in height or width. If an Embroidered Patches manufacturer does lots of embroidery designs, then he can ask the digitizing service provider for a discount.


Stitch-Count Price - This costing model is associated with the number of stitches (usually per 1000 stitches) involved. It means that if your design is simple with no filled areas but big in size it will still be less expensive compared to what you would pay if your design were small and sophisticated with a lot of stitches. This costing model is best for the organizations that are looking a simple design like a company name or slogan that will be embroidered on a souvenir, cap, towel or t-shirt. You should find a free custom quote to determine what exactly it will cost to turn your logo design, logo into a machine-readable format (.dst) for your digital Embroidery Machine.


Smart Embroiderers usually use multiple embroidery digitizing companies. When they get an embroidery order, they send the logo to several embroidery digitizers to get their prices. This is the best way to get the best deal and save money.

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