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  • Jul 15, 2018

Custom Iron On Patches

Iron on patches are a special type of patches that come with the most convenient method of attaching patches on clothes ever known to mankind. They are used to personalize your belongings just the way you want. Custom iron patches are those iron on patches that you yourself get designed from a patch making company.

Figuring out the type of patch:

It is really necessary that you figure out the type of patch that you want to get made. For example, you might want to use an iron on patch to simply label your travelling bags, and in that case you might want to choose an iron on patch that displays your name on it. If you are looking for ways to decorate your baby’s room curtains, then you should simply get a cartoon iron on patch, and so on.

Advantages over other patches:

Iron on patches have great advantages over other patches that they eliminate the hassle of sewing or pasting the patch on the cloth. This way you can not only save money from going to professionals to stitch or weave the patch but also the time in doing so. With the iron on patches, all you need is an iron and you simply have to set the thermostat of your iron to an optimum temperature that you can determine by analyzing the type of cloth that you are sticking your iron on patch to, and simply rub the heated iron gently.

Place your order:

You can place your order of whatever sort of iron on patch you want made, at our company, and leave the rest on us. We have a team of specialized patch makers that make the best iron on patches that are finely crafted with great precision, and designed just according to the way you want them to be!

Custom Patches No Minimum

Patches are designed pieces of cloth that are shaped or cut in a specific way so that they can be attached to your clothes to give a them a special look relating to something. Custom patches, as the name suggests are customized patches that you can order to be made for specific clothing sets, e.g. uniforms.

Types of patches:

Custom patches come in a wide range, starting from the usual embroidered, printed or woven patches to anything that you would like to see to give them a personalized look.

How can you get your custom patch made?

Whether you are a biker who wants to get a customized patch made for his biking jacket, or you’re just a football coach who wants custom patches made for your team’s outfits, you simply have to choose a logo or a design that your patch would be made of, the type of patch you would like; embroidered, printed, woven, debossed, etc., and other details that you would like to see on your custom patch, like usage of some specific sort of ink, or weaving from the edges, or anything else. Once you have decided all the details, you are all set to go for your custom patch.

Order us your patch

Once you are done with the selection of the designing of the patch, then you can simply order us your custom patch details, and we’ll make the finest patch that you have ever seen. Moreover, we also take any order quantity that you ask for, and there’s no minimum order that we compel you to book. You can simply order any quantity, and we will make sure that our team crafts the finest custom patches along with all the details that you mentioned, because our patches tell stories that human tongue fails to!

Custom Patches Online

Cloth patches are pieces of cloth that have a specific meaning as they are either cut or designed with embroidery, print, weaving etc. in a specific way that makes it look special and gives it a specific meaning. Patches tell stories, so why not make your clothing speak your story? Whether you are a martial arts player or a doctor who wants to get his name patch on his white coat, you can always get a custom patch made. Patches are very useful when it comes to identifying something or someone over the rest of the herd, so get yourself a custom patch and identify yourself.

Types of custom patches:

There’s no definite boundaries to the classification of the custom patches. Roughly speaking, patches can be of two major types: Text based patches, designing based patches.

Text patches are further divided into name patches, quotation patches, etc., whereas designed patches could bear a logo of your organization or simply a drawing that has some meaning to it.

Use custom patches the right way:

You can always take great advantages with the use of custom patches. If you are a basketball coach, and you want your team to stay motivated, then you should probably stop spending on motivational speakers, and order a custom patch online that bears a motivating quotation that your players can read at all times and stay motivated.

Order custom patches online:

Just like the rest of the things, you can now order custom patches online and you can get your custom patch made with all your favorite details in no time. You can now order us online all the specifications that you want to see in your patch, and we will make sure that we come up to your expectations.

Iron On Embroidered Patches

For many centuries, patches have been used to give your clothes a true meaning of who they truly belong to, and another such category of patches is the Iron on patches, which are a special type of patches that are ironed in order for them to stick on the cloth that you want.


These patches have multiple usage ranging from regular designing purposes to the creation of a sense of belonging to your clothes, handbags, or anything that you like the most.

How to fix iron on patches:

Ready to proudly show off your favorite patch? Well then simply grab your iron, patch and the cloth that you want to display it to, and follow these simple steps.

After that you have decided the type of patch you want, you simply have to analyze the cloth that you are attaching it to. Determine the type of cloth you are going to work on; this will decide the amount of heat you have to use in order to stick your patch. Place the patch on the area you want to stick it to, and gently place heated iron over the patch and rub it over. One thing you have to make sure during the entire procedure is that you have to carefully find out the optimum temperature for your cloth so that it doesn’t burn, but at the same time fixes the patch.

Order us your iron on patches:

Iron on patches are very delicate and should be made with great precision so that they are fully compatible with the clothing you are going to use them on. You can simply place your order at our company, and our experts will get a full detail of the iron on patch you want made, and we will also determine the cloth type that you are going to fix it on, so that we make the iron on patch in compatibility with the cloth that you are using.

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