Iron on Patches

  • Jul 15, 2018

Iron on Patches:


Iron on Patches is one of the most wonderful and unique patches of their own kind due to their uniqueness of functionality and working mechanism. Another most sophisticated aspect of the Iron on Patches is that they tend to have iron on backing right on their back which means that we utilize & apply them with the help of heat pressing machine or even a domestic iron with most effective convenience. The working methodology of the Iron on Patches is quite simplistic as well because, with the help of heating, the glue gets melted and makes the patch fabric fairly easy to stick on your required object. One most favorable aspect of the Iron on Patches is there no need of being sewing since entire of the prospects happen by using the heat on home or commercial basis. Due to their same option of going without sewing makes them one of the best choices in custom patches list as you can make it ready within the matter of few minutes.


l  Fabulous heatsteal backing layer:

Heating or heatsteal layer is the most important and crucial part of this kind of custom patches. If the structure of the heat is not proper then glue might not flue in an adequate fashion which means that the real purpose of sticking will not be fulfilled. To avoid any of such inconvenience, we make the process hassle-free by using activated heated glue and pass it on with the help of iron or heating thin layer. With the premium heating and sticking functionality, the glue flows steadily so that the Iron on Patches can be offered a fine quality firmness.


l  Convenient & firm appliance:

It is one of the most efficient features of Iron on Patches that they are free from sewing needs. Nevertheless, the steady grip is utterly pivotal as without it the sticking might be at stake. Our manufactured Iron on Patches are thoroughly comfortable to be conveyed and the appliance is highly robust. Due to the elegant appliance and sticking, even after the continuous washing, patches never look fade and never get torn in the same way.


l  Multifunctional:

Unlike conventional custom patches, Iron on Patches offers a fantastic versatility. Iron on patches provides a great opportunity to show one’s interest and display all that is worthy to be shown. Apart from personal use, Iron on patches is highly efficient for business purposes as well for marketing motives as well. Whether you need to attach and fix Iron on Patches on shirts, bags, skirts, trousers, shirts, jeans or wherever you may want, it serves all of the purposes quite gracefully. Iron on Patches are not only useful for businesses & persons, rather this type of patches works equally perfectly for organizations, teams, and brands for numerous sorts of purposes.


l  On budget:

There are many patch types, but it is the fantastic benefit of Iron on Patches is that they never cause a financial burden. These patches need no sewing and no mechanical engineering and the same factor lower down their overall costs big time. We offer them in a cost-efficient manner without having to compromise the quality and supremacy of the final product.

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