Iron On Patches

  • Jul 15, 2018

Our Iron On Patches

Iron on patches are fun and simple. They are a simple way you can decorate your clothes by ironing them onto your jackets, shirts, bags, scrapbook, etc.  They can also be used to mend or reinforce your clothes. It comes with a heat seal or glue that melts and sticks to your fabric firmly when you iron the patch onto it. Our Iron on patches can be used on various types of fabric or clothes. They can be perfectly ironed onto duffle bags, jeans, skirts, jackets, uniforms, caps, flags etc. They are of high quality with affordable rates. We also offer custom services on our iron on patches. With your design, we can produce a perfect iron on patch for you. Our iron on patches are made to iron onto most fabrics that can withstand heat applied with a hot dry iron. So if your perfect choice is iron on patches, we are up for the game! We’ll produce for you great and high quality iron on patches you can simply iron onto your fabric with guaranty to stand the test of time on your fabric.

Application Instructions

After you must have washed and dried your fabric, place it on a flat surface. Place the patch on the exact point of choice on the fabric with the adhesive side of it as the underside. Heat up your iron with the setting turned to the hottest setting that your fabric type can tolerate. (If you are using a steam iron, make sure the steam option is completely turned off or have the water compartment completely emptied). Cover the fabric with a light piece of cotton cloth or a thin towel on the patch and iron firmly applying an even pressure on the patch for about 20 to 25 seconds. The towel is meant to protect the patch and the exposed area of the fabric. Do the same on the opposite side of the fabric for about 10 to 15 seconds as reinforcement. Remove the iron and let the patch cool off. Check to see if it is fixed firmly by rubbing at its edge gently with your finger. If there is a gap, replace the towel and repeat the ironing process for 10 seconds.

Why you can trust our iron on patches

Our iron on patches are tested and confirmed by our customers to be durable and firm when ironed on to different fabrics. Its originality is what you can’t get elsewhere as we make available unique and variety of designs as well as offer you the option to create your custom design. We make iron on patches that are easy to apply with high quality glue seals that get even stronger with time. Our classic designs provide you with aesthetic professionalism and unique appearance for organizational or professional use. All our iron on patches including your custom requests are designed to be flexible thereby allowing you to use it anywhere on your fabric.

Our Buyers

Our iron on patches are bought by apparel decorating companies, clothing companies, advertising companies, and other types of clients who are mostly returning buyers coming from almost every clothing company, fashion industries, manufacturers, uniform organizations, schools and sports institutions.

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