The 8 Most Recognized Logos of Famous Fashion Brands

2 days ago

What do the fashion brands Ray-Ban, Fendi, Bulgari and Rolex have in common? They all have the most recognized brand identities that embody the aura of these global fashion brands. These brands are kn...

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8 Technology Companies With The Best Logo Designs

3 days ago

Logo is the face of a company. An appealing logo can build the right personality of a business in the eyes of its clientele. At the same time, it puts across the brand message to the onlookers and con...

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6 Airline Logos That Look Great in the Sky

Mar 15

Branding an airline is a different ballgame than branding any other business. The most important job is designing the logo. But it Is not the same as creating a logo for an apparel company which puts ...

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Color Psychology: Why Companies Use Different Colors In Their Brands?

Mar 14

Colors are an important aspect of branding. Companies around the world make use of specific colors to attract their target audience and influence their buying behavior. Have you ever think why certai...

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7 Best Car Logos the World Has Ever Seen

Mar 13

Car logos are some of the most recognized symbols in the world. But unlike the custom patches that are made on a garment or plastic surfaces, the emblems of cars are produced on the metallic surfaces....

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