Our Morale Patches

  • Oct 14, 2018

Our Morale Patches

When a push becomes a shove, this is the patch you should be rocking. Long hours, extensive travel, early mornings, there is just nothing easy about military work.  Our morale patches are a form of art that are simplistic in nature and used by most people to relate in one way or another. They are made to be generally less formal yet serve as a more personal form of identification. Our morale patches are used to send strong messages of humor or to encourage its users to embrace their inner patriot. They will help you take pride in your unit and association. These patches also serve as an important element in the culture of the military for generations.

Why you need our Morale Patches

When you personalize our morale patches for your kit, we will create it so as to help you let everyone know your specialty. This is the perfect patch you can use to identify your various achievements in jobs that were challenging and other military works which required demanding efforts. So whether you are a paratrooper, sniper, medic or you simply work on intelligence, morale patches will help you to display who you are or what heights you have attained. They will serve as great identification patches in marking traditional rankings or classes based on all manners of job-specific uniforms. Our morale patches best defines your position and helps you to bring some levity to the very serious nature of your job. With our morale patches, we reduce the risk of your patches being lost forever, because the Velcro backing will stick properly to your tactical gear or uniforms.

Who patronizes us?

Despite the good quality of most official military patches, there are times when they aren’t just perfect. Even though they spell out your name perfectly, indicate your rank, and even note combat awards, sometimes, custom patches or morale patches will better off to showcase your (or your unit’s) attitude. If you are a member of the armed forces, you probably already know what this patch is and why it matters. Our morale patches are ideal for military forces, scout troops, and police squads. Aimed specifically at the men and women of the armed forces, our morale patches are geared towards comradeship and solidarity. Also check our embroidered patches.

How morale patches are applied on the uniform?

How a custom embroidered patch or woven patch is applied is as equally important as the patch design itself. Choosing the right backing style and border for your patches is hugely important. Our morale patches are simple and easy-to-apply as you can attach them onto clothing or any equipment. With Velcro backing commonly used in military applications, they can be applied and removed when needed. This style of backing is very durable and can be used over and over again without damaging the patch as you can affix it to as many shirts as possible. If you do not plan to transfer our morale patches to another cloth, you can use iron-on backing. Use a home iron to heat seal and add some stiffness to the patches and they will be flat on your garment.

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