Our Patches for Jackets

  • Oct 14, 2018

Our Patches for Jackets

If you’re looking for embroidered patches to put on your jackets, no matter the kind of jacket you need it on, leather jackets, denim jackets, motorcycle jackets, fleece jackets or even hoodies, we have the perfect fit for all! Our patches for jackets are supreme and of the highest quality you can ever get with unbeatable prices. Our patches for jackets are great for any occasion and come in different styles, shapes, designs and even custom designs or custom shapes. Whether your jacket is made of dense leather or silky smooth suede, our designer quality patches are perfect for you. We provide unique patches for jackets with a personal touch to your team’s jackets whether sports club or biker’s club. For every type of jacket, we’ve got you covered! We can help you create the perfect patches for jackets suitable for all events.

Why our patches for jackets are the best

Our patches for jackets are made of designer quality and of the highest standards thereby offering you a long lasting patch. Due to its sewn on method of application, they can easily be extracted and used on another jacket if your jacket becomes worn out or old. Originality and uniqueness is a major factor in all our patches for jackets. We employ the use of the best designs and highest industry standards to create you patch designs that are unique and attractive. We offer you the chances of making a positive impression with your team when you order for customized patches for your team’s jackets. All our patches including the custom patches for jackets are provided for you at affordable rates with fast delivery so you do not have to worry about budget!

Application procedure

Due to size constraint, our patches for jackets are applied by a sewing machine; they cannot be iron on. We designed it this way to ensure best results as iron on patches for jackets are liable to falling off over time due to the fabric’s thickness. Alternatively, you can also apply the patches on your jacket yourself using the needle and thread option. To apply this patch yourself, make sure the jacket is clean and dry. If it’s a jacket made of fabric, we recommend it’s well ironed. Get a sewing needle and thread of a similar color to your patch ready. Place the patch in the perfect position and hold it down with a safety pin. Thread the needle and tie knot it at the end of the thread. Begin threading your needle through the jacket and the patch starting from the inner side of the jacket. Sew in a stitch pattern until you’ve gone round the border edges of the patch and then, knot your thread by making a loop to tie it off.

Our Clients

Our clients consists of individuals who are mostly returning buyers, martial artists, Police officers, girls scouts, football teams, Biker’s clubs and many other associations and teams. Bikers like their patches best on leather jackets while the police officers place theirs to a uniform made of polyester. So we cater to all clients with different specific needs for custom patches.

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