Our Velcro Patches

  • Oct 14, 2018

Our Velcro Patches

Are you looking for an easily fixed patch, no technical details, just fix it and get going. Our Velcro patches are exactly what you need and are great for identifying certain positions or authority. These types of custom patches can be done in different shapes; rectangular, circular, or even custom shapes. They can come with hook and loop designs thereby allowing you to attach, remove and reattach them on any apparel. Velcro patches can be woven, printed, leather, or embroidered. The best use is mostly found with custom names for hospital team members, schools, backpacks, stickers and emblems, jackets, leather jackets, badges, firefighter jackets or even the military uniform. Velcro patches offer quick ways to identify a team mate or an official’s name on his apparel or belongings. If you’re looking to get the most out of Velcro patches, our products are the best recommendation you can ever get due to its numerous advantages.

Application Procedure

All you need to do fastening a Velcro patch is to press the hook panel surface against its loop surface. To remove it, you simply pull back on the surfaces ripping them apart. This is the same mechanism used on shoes for children as they find it difficult to tie shoe laces.

Benefits of using our Velcro Patches

Using our Velcro patches offers you flexibility in changing the looks with your belongings. Whether it’s a backpack, a shirt or a duffle bag, our Velcro patches offer you the ability of using various patches on the same fabric every day. Its ability to remove and reattach gives your jacket or bag a whole new look day after day. For this reason, our Velcro patches are perfect for police squads, military troops, scout groups and any system indicating levels as it offers you the flexibility to change ranks anytime by switching emblems without getting new clothes. Motorcycle club members also employ this feature as it enables them to participate in different competitions without buying new jackets for each event. Our Velcro patches offers you repeated use of the patch without its hook or loop easily wearing off overtime. Just like all our embroidered patches, our Velcro patches offer you professional appearance that makes you stand out, it gives you uniqueness and strong brand positioning in your industry. Another significant advantage of our Velcro patches is that it can easily be used by children due to it’s on and off simple application method.

Who patronizes us?

Apart from individuals our Velcro patches are widely used by different establishments especially the military, the police, fire department, scouts and other uniform organizations. Our buyers also include hospitals that use them to put tags or names on their hospital team/individuals’ clothing. The schools utilize this to create removable badges or prefect badges for their students in order to distinguish them from others. Our Velcro patches are the best you can ever get. Try it today or get your custom orders done for you and you’ll surely come back for more.

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