Outsourcing Embroidery Logos for Digitizing

  • Oct 23, 2018

Outsourcing Embroidery Logos for Digitizing.

Embroidery digitizing is one of the best things that could ever happen to fabrics. Handmade sewing embroidery designs or embroidered patches to clothes was previously the only method invoke before this modern era. Manual embroidery by hands wasn’t just hectic but also involves a very strenuous process as well. Advanced technology has evolved in the passing of time and recently, embroidery designs, and embroidered patches are created using computerized programs called embroidery digitizing software. Converting an image into an embroidery file known as embroidery digitizing.


Some custom embroidery companies and embroidered patches suppliers have in-house digitizers though that is a costly option in many ways. Much money will be paid to buy the embroidery digitizing software. To have an in-house digitizing department, an embroidery company or embroidered patches supplier needs to pay for a dedicated computer with all other required programs such as Windows, MS Office, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and some little tools. Needs to allocate some space. The most important thing is the salary for a fulltime embroidery digitizer. The minimum monthly wage for a junior embroidery digitizer is around $3,500 to $4,000 plus payroll taxes. This idea is reasonable if an embroidery company or embroidered patches manufacture does at least 1000+ plus embroidered logos or embroidered patches designs in a month.


For small embroidery companies and embroidered patches suppliers, it is better to outsource all their embroidery digitizing logos. There are so many benefits in outsourcing embroidery logos for embroidery digitizing. The main three benefits derived from outsourcing embroidering digitizing are outlined below:


1. Affordable Pricing

The textile producing countries are famous in this area, for example, India, Pakistan, and China. It is easy to find a digitizing company that is willing to offer a very handsome package for embroidery digitizing. Today, almost every embroidery digitizer has a business website. It is handy to find a professional embroidery digitizer online. You just need to search on Google. The affordable and cheaper price is one of the main reasons to outsource embroidery digitizing logos.


2. An Embroiderer Must Do Embroidery

It is common to feel that when you do not have any worries about your embroidery digitizing logos, focusing on other aspects of your embroidery business will become an easy thing to do. When the embroidery digitizing is being taken care of by a professional digitizer, an embroiderer could spend more time extending his embroidery business like marketing for more clients.


3. Outsourced Logos for Embroidery are done quicker than the in-house digitizing.

The commercial embroidery digitizing companies have so many embroidery digitizers; some claim that they have 50+ embroidery digitizers, and the others say 10+ embroidery digitizers. Let's say; an embroiderer gets an order from a local ad company to make 150 unique custom patches for their logos; he would not be able to do all 150 embroidered logos in a day or two because one digitizer could digitize 8 or 10 logos in a day. Whereas, a commercial embroidery digitizing company can digitize all the 150 logos in 24 hours or 48 at maximum.

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