Reinvent Your Skin by Following These 8 Skin Care Routines

  • Jun 14, 2019

Do you have a crappy skin?

Yes, we all have that bad skin day (just like bad hair days) every now and then. But if you are experiencing a constant, prolonged strange behavior of your skin, then you need to stop and think.

Take a deep breath and move your brain cells. Ask yourself.

Is it your diet? Your jam-packed schedule? Insufficient sleep. Or maybe those nonstop office meetings are the culprits. 

Whatever it is, in a nutshell, it is your routine that needs to be fixed.

Turn your “meh” responses to “ta-da” moments by including the skin changing routines into your regular routine for a radiant, smooth looking skin.

What are those skin changing routines? 

Read below to find the checklist. If you find anything you already doing, give yourself a pat on the back. If you are not following any or all of them, do not kick yourself. Include it in your skin care regime today and religiously follow it.

Let us get going.


1. Get a Good Sleep

There is no alternative to a good sound sleep. It is better than any day/night cream, lip gloss, foundation, face powder, mascara, eye-liner, eye shadow you can ever wear. 

And you cannot fake it too. Put down your phone, stop reading that book (there is no point finishing it overnight) and have an uninterrupted 7-8 hours of night sleep. It will do wonders to your skin.

It is the best anti-aging cream alternative ever. Research says your cells start the process of regeneration while you snooze.


2. Keep Your Skin Clean

Skin friendly regime is incomplete without a good start of the day. So, use a quality cleanser to remove impurities that you collected on your skin overnight and prepare it for the hassles of the day. 

Wash your skin. The frequency depends on your daily activity, but do not overdo it otherwise you might dry up your skin. For example, rinsing your face in the morning and cleansing in the night is enough if you are indoors. 

However, if you have an outdoor routine - a gym, work or study, wash it enough to dirt-off the skin. Also, if you are sweaty and battling with acne, keep wet tissue handy in your totes. 


3. Drink Right

Fizzy Drinks and sweet treats often have hidden sugar inside them. Excess sugar in your food can cause Glycation, which affects the part of the skin that keeps it ‘springy’. 

So reduce or replace these drinks with water. 60% of you is made out of water. This should convince you to consume 8 ounces of water a day to avoid acne and dehydration.

So every time you go out and take out your custom patch t-shirt, don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you and drink a glass of water every hour. And, Do I need to tell you to use sunscreen for summers?


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4. Eat Right

Keep your skin healthy by eating smart. Crash foods like hamburger, fries, meatballs can cause sagging wrinkles and the mighty acne. Instead fill your stomach with veggies, fruits, whole grains. 

Omega-3 rich foods, like fish, gives strength to your skin by producing anti-inflammatory compounds in your skin.

Eat fruit every day. Find vitamin C in blueberries, strawberries broccoli, guava, papaya, and sweet potato. This vitamin is a super antioxidant which supports your immune system and promote radiant skin.


5. Rub Your Skin

What happens to your body when you massage it? It relaxes it. It does the same to your skin. Massage your skin to increase blood circulation, and you will feel good afterward. Try it.

Maybe, massage it using your favorite natural scrubs or gently press it in circular motion whenever you rinse it with water.

A couple of devices come in handy. Face Brush. Yes, there is a reason people are going crazy about it. It works. Or try a body exfoliator to rub your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells.


6. Moisturize Your Skin

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on this. A moisturized skin is like a water-sprayed grass. It looks plump, healthy, and fresh. 

Everyone loves great after facial. Why? Because it does nothing other than leaving your skin moisturized. Use a water-based moisturizer, the ones made with hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera water, twice a day for super, long lasting hydrated skin.


7. Don't Sleep Wearing Makeup

After a late night party, you may be tempted to drop your body to the bed without even changing, let alone makeup. But it can be disastrous to your skin health. It can lead to insurmountable problems- clog your skin surface and can breakout acne.  

So, no matter how tired are you, cleanse your skin with a good cleanser or makeup remover.

But, there is a good chance of it slipping out of your mind. If you cannot hack it, there is a trick. Print “Remove Makeup” on your night suit using custom iron on patches services.

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8. Move your Muscles

Regular exercise elevates blood flow and circulation – one way of regenerating skin cells. It also helps provide oxygen and nutrients to the skin. You do not have to join a professional gym. 30 minute of regular walking, sprinting or jogging might also do for you. 

 You are not a gym person and hate jogging. Play your favorite music and dance your way to flow blood and have fun doing it.


Bonus Tips

Every skin is different. So be cautious of what you wear on your skin.

Do not be fooled by false advertising. It takes loads of stylists and software to create stunningly beautiful models.

Do not peel off your rough skin and acne. Give them some time. Relax!

Just like a physician, your skin needs a dermatologist routine checkup once a month.

Keep your stress in check. Nothing will work if you let your stress cut loose.


Remember, the magic wand does not work on your skin to turn it into healthy, glowing skin. However, with slight amendments in your routine, you can surely turn things around for you.








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