Revealed: 8 Promo Products That Will Dominate In 2020

  • Jan 30, 2020

2020 is here and so are the hottest promo products for this year. Previous year saw an uptick in promo products that offered value to the people in terms of their design, technological offering and creativity. The ecological value remained the other significant part of every giveaway that topped the list of promo products in the year 2019.

This year also saw a rise in popularity of the products that give people something valuable and make their lives easier. The influential factors remained the design, technology, creativity and ecology.

Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve listed here some of the hottest promo products that are going to be even more popular in 2020:


1. Straws

Straws have remained the single most popular promotional handout in 2019 and they are going to hit the market at larger scale in 2020 as well. The major reason of the popularity of the straws is their ecological value since most of the states in American have now banned the use of plastic straws and instead promoted the use of stainless steel straws, silicon straws and paper straws which pose no threat to environment.

If you want to make a positive impact on the globe as a sustainable business, then you should add these types of straws in your arsenal of promo products for the year 2020.


2. Leather-Made Products

Leather is the king of all clothing materials. It is famous for its refined look and durability. The two attributes that are associated with opulence. So it is a kind of luxury item and any gift made from this material will definitely make your target audience feel special.

Besides, leather is extremely versatile and it can fit into plenty of promo products as a chief substance or as a covering. Whether you want to gift your clientele with some leather-made clothing accessories like wallet or cap or want to use leather as a covering or custom patches on handy items like koozie, key straps, luggage tags or a padfolio, the use of leather can make things work for marketing of your business.

Leather-made products will be the game-changer in your promo marketing in 2020.

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3. Drinkware

Drinkware has remained on top of the popular promo items for many years. With drinkware, you have plenty of options to promote your brand or an idea that you want to associate with. You can print on this item the logo along with brand slogan of your business.

Or you can imprint a one-liner that shows your support for a social issue or a noble cause. You can avail all these opportunities to promote your business using drinkware, such as a water bottle, mug, or a tumbler.


4. Custom Socks

Custom socks have emerged as a new clothing piece that can be a good promo product for a business.  The reason that makes the custom socks a viable freebie is the visual appeal that they can bring to your promotional merchandise.

The colorful custom socks look attractive in a trade fair and everyone would give a second look to the socks when they are printed with fancy logo of a brand. Therefore, you can also have pairs of socks printed with logos of your company or you can simply have them embroidered with custom embroidered patches of your brand.

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The other thing that makes the pair of custom socks an excellent giveaway is the fact that they come in range of sizes and styles and you can buy bulk of them based on the specifics of your target audience. Besides, they are cheap enough to come under the budget of any business – small to medium.


5. Tote Bag

A tote bag is a solution for all the exhausting trips to public places where it is difficult for people to walk carrying the heavy stuff. The awkward walk, the fumbles and the gazing eyes of passersby are all the things that make people feel embarrassed.

To rescue the people from this ordeal, a tote bag comes as a perfect item that not only contains their belongings but also gives them a more decent way to carry things. A tote bag has longer use in lives of people and you have good chances of getting attention of the onlookers towards the brand name and logo of your company.


6. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone is the most valued possession of people in today’s life. It is a multifunctional device that allows them to do various things at a time. They use it to find important information. They use it for using social media. They use it to capture shots. And above all, they use it to make timely calls. The many features of a smartphone make it a useful device for people of all ages.

To facilitate your clients and employees in making better use of this powerful device, you should give them the paraphernalia that can enhance their experience of using a smartphone. You can give them accessories like phone stand, popsocket, earphones or a wallet to make efficient use of their smartphones.

The good thing about these smartphone accessories is that they can easily hold the logo of your brand and catch eyes of the onlookers as well.


7. Backpack

Backpack is a go-to source for the majority of people who travel frequently between places. From students and employees to hikers and tourists, backpack is an essential item for every individual who regularly travels from one place to other.

The immense popularity of this giveaway lies in its usability. Unlike other bags, a backpack can easily be carried to various places since people can just hang it on their back. Besides, it makes an excellent item for popularizing your brand as you can simply put the brand identity of your business on its front panel and people will certainly take notice of it.


8. Environmental-Friendly Promo Products

The rising menace of pollution and animal extinction has led many businesses to adapt more sustainable working strategies. The increasing trend in use of sustainable practices has paved way for the eco-friendly products to enter the promotional market.

Among the many eco-friendly giveaways, the most viable products are reusable organic cotton bag, kraft paper bag, recyclable plastic pens and the stainless steel or paper straw that we have mentioned above.

Add these promo merch in your promotional marketing to contribute to environment as a responsible business. People would definitely love to join you for your eco-friendly approach to business.

Promo products can be a game-changer for the businesses in the year 2020. The previous year saw many businesses using promotional handouts to increase visibility of their brands and engage with the leads and this year too will force more businesses to join hands with promo products manufacturers.