10 Mistakes to Avoid in Embroidery Digitizing

4 days ago

Digitizing is the mainstay of any embroidery work. However, the success of digitizing is dependent on the various aspects of embroidery design. There are many factors that come into play when you are ...

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6 Best Threads to Create Eye-Popping and Durable Embroidery Works

Nov 22

An embroidery thread is as important for an embroidery work as the design itself. In fact, it is a more significant part of the embroidery since it converts the artwork into a tangible piece and breat...

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5 Top-Rated Sewing Machine Brands and Their Best Products

Nov 11

Sewing machines are available in different configuration and pricing in the market. From light and heavy to semi-automatic and fully-automatic, you can find range of different sewing machines to meet ...

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Eye-Catching Embroidered Patches

Nov 04

Creating embroidered patches is both an art and science. Not only do you consider the creative aspects of creating patches but also look into its production technicalities. But just like any other pro...

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A List of Do’s and Don'ts in Embroidery Job

Oct 18

Embroidery is a form of art. Just like any other art, it is based on an idea that can hook the viewers. The ultimate goal of any art is to look aesthetic and appealing to the viewers. But more than th...

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An Embroiderer’s Guide to Digitizing an Artwork

Oct 10

Embroidery services are big businesses that make millions of bucks every year. The embroiderers have evolved from making basic handmade artworks to refined machine embroidered works. Earlier, it would...

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Embroidery Basics: The Three Essentials of Embroidery and How You Should Choose Them

Oct 02

Embroidery is a highly skilled job that requires knowledge, skills and experience in dealing the different tasks, such as threading, hooping and sewing etc. Even when you want to make small custom pat...

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10 Expert Tips to Create Exceptional Embroidery Works That Your Clients Will Love

Sep 27

Being a garment decorator, you have to give your best in embroidery artwork to please your clients and up your game in the business. You should use the most appropriate techniques and materials as wel...

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Embroidering a Cap

Sep 03

Embroidering on a cap is one of the most challenging jobs in industrial embroidery business. Due to the construction of this clothing accessory, you need to be particular about the different things th...

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The 3 Top-Rated Industrial Embroidery Machines for Professional Embroiderers

Aug 21

Embroidery is a big business and it generates more revenue than any other form of garment decoration. According to a survey Statista, embroidery has the highest revenue percentage (45%) in America as ...

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11 Embroidery Tools and Materials That Every Embroiderer Needs for A Successful Embroidery Work

Aug 15

Embroidering is a specialized job that requires an array of tools and materials. Just like any other craft, it calls for a set of equipment to pull off the glitches of embroidery work and accomplish t...

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An Introduction to Some Common Types of Embroidery Styles

Jul 16

Embroidery is an old business and it has been operating as an industry for many years. Earlier, people would use the embroidery work to mend a cloth. Today, it is done as a form of embellishments on d...

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The 6 Types of Threads the Pros Use for Machine Embroidery

Jul 01

Being in the embroidery business involves a great deal of thread work. A good thread breathes life into a design and make a fabric look beautiful and appealing. Using a good embroidery thread means th...

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