Six Highly Recommended Threads For Professional Embroiderers

  • Mar 20, 2020

Custom patches and embroidery are result of excellent threads. Actually, a thread is a far more substantial element in an embroidery work because it changes a design into a concrete work of art and give it a voice. The selection of a thread of yours depends upon a few variables. Let’s check them out:

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The thickness of a thread is defined as its “weight”. Based on the embroidery of yours, you should select a weight within a range of thirty wt. and one hundred and twenty wt. where thirty wt. is probably the densest thread and one hundred twenty wt. is the thinnest.

Put simply, the higher the weight of a thread, the thinner is the thread. The value of weight is going to be dependent on the kind of your embroidery and fabric.



The luster is defined as the shine of a thread. Once again, the thread sheen is going to contingent upon your type of embroidery. In case you would like to create a brilliant look on a cloth, like custom iron on patches, you definitely are going to require a thread that has an increased sheen.

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Likewise, in case you would like to embroider a cloth with more delicate as well as understated design, then a minimal sheen thread is ideal to create the right embroidery.


Tensile Strength

This variable defines the level of strength of a thread. In other words, a thread with more tensile strength will not break easily. Threads that have increased tensile strength make industrial embroidery works.

So now we'll be posting several of the essential information about the most effective embroidery threads and will be looking into their distinctive features:


1. Madeira Incredible Threadable Embroidery Thread

This thread by Madeira is something that is recognized for its unmatched caliber. It is created from viscose material and it is noted for its durability and thickness. Eighty spools of threads have two hundred and twenty yards of thread that are contained in a package. Additionally, it has 2 additional spools of 1650 yds. of bobbin threads.

This package has different shades that offers you the perfect thread color on your unique embroidery work. This package of thread by Madeira offers you an easy method to work with the thread and save yourself from the hitch of unraveling the thread due to its built-in threading system.

This implies that you are able to thread a needle within the package. No requirement to remove the thread and no requirement to unroll it.


2. Kolors Embroidery Mega Kit

This thread box is the best thread for any embroiderer since it's a lot more shades than other thread box on this listicle.

The entire color range in this box is vibrant and also have an excellent sheen. The entire threads have a thread weight of forty wt. and are produced from polyester.

The package has two hundred and sixty spools and every spool comes with a different color. Each of the spools in this particular system includes a thread length of five hundred and fifty yds.

This package is ideal for embroiderers that wish to test out different shades that are various as they are able to pick from range of colorways.

The various shades in the box is an additional benefit especially for the stitchers who routinely get requests of clients for producing embroideries and custom embroidered patches in different colors.


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3. Simthread Sixty Three Brother Colors Embroidery Machine Thread

Simthread sixty three is one other highly ranked thread for producing fancy embroidery works. It's produced from polyester and it is suitable for the different types of embroidery machines. It's a forty wt. which makes it a heavy thread to create a durable artwork on a fabric.

Because the material used in this thread is polyester, you should count on a sturdy embroidery which is going to last longer compared to threads from various other substances.

This package of thread contains sixty three spools and each of them contains five hundred and fifty yds. of thread. They are ready for use in different shades which you are able to use for the unique type of embroidery of yours. No thread in this box gets impacted by effects of bleach and is completely washable.


4. Sulky Size 40 Embroidery Slimline Rayon Dream Assortment

When you are talking about a thread made from viscose, it can only be a superior thread. Viscose is actually noted for its amazing sheen and also tensile strength which makes it one of the best materials to produce threads.

This box comes with a great choice to make embroideries on appliques & felt clothing and is ideal for utilizing on any kind of materials.

This box is packaged in hundred and one spools and every spool has two hundred and fifty yds. of length.

The highlight of this particular thread is its variety of colors which can match every type of embroidery and gives an eye-catching look on a cloth. Every thread has a forty wt. which makes it a heavy thread. The caliber of the thread is outstanding and using this particular thread is hassle-free.


5. ThreadNanny Premium

This thread is the most durable thread brand in this list after rayon. The application of polyester causes it to be among the best threads in the industry. With forty wt. of thread, this particular thread is suitable for operating on any embroidery machine.

This box has hundred thread spools in several colors wherein every spool measures 1100 yds. of thread. It is also popular for its many shades.

The colors on the thread pop incredibly on all kinds of fabrics. Additionally, the users highly rate the thread because of its colorfastness and because its shades do not lose the thread for years.

The thread works with the majority of the embroidery machines including Singer, Janome, Bernina and Brother.


6. Embroidex Forty Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

This box has several options for being a prominent thread for embroiderers.

For starters, it's produced from polyester that has a higher strength and also makes this particular thread a much stronger choice for all kinds of embroideries.

Besides, the box carries a broad spectrum of styles which is mandatory for just about any stitcher.

And most notably, all of the shades hold the exact same quantity as they're on the Brother's embroidery thread chart. And so the embroiderers do not have to proceed through the hassles of coordinating colors and so they can quickly get a suitable color using its certain number.

Embroidex 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread has forty threads which together create a maximum of twenty two thousand yards. With forty wt., the threads in this particular system are heavy and may be implemented on various different kinds of embroidery fabrics.