Six Top-Rated Thread Brands For Producing Eye-Popping Embroidery Work

  • Feb 21, 2020

A thread would be the most crucial aspect for creating embroidery. You can't produce appealing and durable embroideries or maybe custom patches without a high-quality thread.

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The quality of a thread is greatly defined by its brand. In other words, you've to be sure about a thread brand in addition to understand the various features of threads. Therefore you should choose a great thread for the specific job of yours.

Right here we will share several of the popular thread brands that you should consider for producing a great embroidery:


1. Madeira

Madeira is a trusted name in the thread industry. It creates one of the greatest threads in the industry that is known as rayon or viscose thread. Rayon is noted for its durability and tensile strength. Madeira creates the finest rayon thread that is compatible with majority of embroidery machine.

The most notable thing regarding the threads created by this particular brand is they do not fray during the creation of embroidery. Because they're produced from the strong viscose material, they don’t break easily compared to other threads.

Madeira threads may be compatible for creating both machine and hand embroidery to make appealing embroideries on any fabric. They are available in various shades to complement a cloth. The spools are made in eighteen shades that are various with a measurement of 224 yards.


2. Gütermann

If there's one thread which can sustain the high temperatures, it's to be Gütermann. Gütermann is running for over one fifty years which demonstrates that they're a significant brand. The thread by this particular brand is sturdy enough to withstand the basic treatments of pressing and washing and does not lose its quality.

Gütermann makes threads for amateur sewers as well as for the professional embroiderers and so they can use it for various purposes. Whether you wish to create custom embroidered patches on a cloth or even stitch a new cloth, you are able to utilize the various kinds of threads by this particular brand to satisfy the needs of yours.

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The threads by this brand are compatible with quilting machine, sewing machine, overlock machinery and they are useful for any hand sewing job. The company also provides threads in silk, metallic threads and cotton. You can get the threads in colors that are different and are used in different weight and lengths. A package by Gütermann has twenty six spools of threads with a weight of 50w and a length of hundred yards.

The shorter length of the spool by this brand is its sole drawback since a 110 yard thread may be too less for large consignments.



In case your business is involved into crocheting and knitting KINGSO is a single brand name you are able to trust. KINGSO offers twenty four various spools that have twenty four various colors which you are able to use to create numerous designs. It makes threads from polyester that has the resilience and strength to sew different types of fabric.

You are able to utilize the thread from KINGSO in stitching, quilting, cross stitching and also hand knitting. It can also work with quilting machine, knitting, overlock machine, weaving and also hand embroidery. 

KINGSO offeres threads in twenty four spools with a thread length of thousand yards. Put simply, you've a total of twenty four thousands of threads which you are able to apply to create any design.


4. Brother

Brother is an American manufacturer which produces the greatest embroidery and embroidered patches on any fabric. It is famous for its superb tones, unmatched richness and superb shine. The company has fifty spools that's thread length of six hundred yards in range of colors.

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Additionally, the thread by Brother is known for its greater durability also it's recognized to be an excellent heat resistant thread which does not scorch with escalating heat.

The vibrancy of colors is yet another benefit of the thread by Brother. The threads can be found at a mass of forty wt. that is a heavy thread to stitch on any kind of fabric.

The sole drawback of threads by this brand is it's just fifty shades in its package which restricts the variety of styles in the embroidery of yours.


5. LA Linen Serger

LA Linen Serger is among the top-notch threads in the market. It is utilized by embroiders for industrial purpose. The thread by this brand is made from polyester that is among the best threads in the market.

It's made from hundred percent polyester and can create embroidery in thirty shades. And with a thread length of 6000 yards in a spool, you are able to quickly finish some tasks without any problems. Eventually, you get a design that is stunning, has larger sheen and will last more.


6. Coats & Clark

This's another thread brand which manufactures probably the best polyester thread in the market. Coats & Clark is famous for its affordable pricing and it gives top rated threads that are best in the industry. The spools are made in a thread length of 3000 yards in several colors. So you've the freedom to choose the best thread for your particular job.

You are able to check out the site of the thread brand and look at product's page which lists the various threads in terms of the purpose, features, and materials. You are going to find there plenty of threads based on the categories of theirs and you are able to choose one that fits the unique requirements of yours.

An embroidery work is a complicated job. The experts in this industry pay specific focus on the thread brand because it is able to make or even break an embroidery. 

So, you've to be certain about the thread brand and also pick one from the above mentioned companies fitting the demands of the work of yours.