Top 6 American Fashion Designers You Should Know

  • Sep 18, 2019

America is known as the fashion hub of the world. It is one of the most happening fashion hubs in the world where fashion experts, supermodels, style enthusiasts and apparel designers and brands join hands to bring the best out of the style.

The status of America as a fashion capital owes it to the many fashion designers who have contributed significantly to the global fashion market. They include some of the biggest names from the industry who have a valuable contribution to style world. The logos and custom patches of these American designers’ labels have become symbols of excellence in the world.

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From Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan, we list here some of the finest American designers who have etched a mark for their appealing and unique designs:


1. Ralph Lauren

From being a salesman at Brook Brothers to becoming a tycoon in American apparel industry, Ralph Lauren treaded every step of success with his ingenuity and originality. He popularized the polos at a time when it was considered just a sportswear.

It was in 1968 when he launched his label from a drawer of Empire Estate Building. His line of polo shirts became popular for his signature design and went on to become the highest-selling product of Ralph Lauren. Today, Ralph Lauren makes every kind of apparel for men and women. His clothing line includes everything from t-shirts and jeans to suits and boots.


2. Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a multi-hyphenate who has proven his mettle in fashion and entertainment industries. Tom Ford has served as the designer of many big fashion labels including Gucci and YSL. He helped Gucci bounce back from slump during the 1990s and uplifted the sales of YSL.

Tom Ford launched his label in 2006 with products that include men’s clothing, eyewear, beauty products and accessories. Known for his sassy and classy dresses, Tom Ford has made a strong mark as a fashion designer in modern age and is regarded as one of the top-rated American designer. His name is a symbol of superiority in fashion who loves wearing his label and use monograms and custom embroidered patches of Tom Ford.

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3. Calvin Klein

One of the biggest names from American soil, Calvin Klein is a genius designer who is known for his fabulous designs that accentuate the body and make you look sassy and attractive. His designs have element of individuality that sets you apart from others.

After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in 1962, Calvin Klein got an apprentice opportunity at a coat-and-suit business. He set his feet in the fashion design after serving a stint as designers for the many couturiers in New York City. After developing the acumen in fashion business, he launched his own label in 1968 which initially only sold suits and coats and later included sportswear in its clothing line. 

Calvin Klein is also known for his use of provocative ads that feature supermodels. Today, Calvin Klein is considered a maestro in fashion world and is revered for his bold designs and exclusive clothing pieces.


4. Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a famous American fashion designer who is known for her skills in bridal couture. She passed graduation from Sarah Lawrence College and joined Vogue as an Editor, becoming the youngest editor of the magazine. Later on, she worked for Ralph Lauren as Design Director and remained with the company for two years.

It was in 1989 when she decided to launch her own bridal atelier after she got frustrated with the bland bridal designs of the time. So she opened her first boutique in 1990 which created custom-made bridal outfits. In 1993, she rolled out her dazzling designs on red carpet and the fashion world took notice of her. She got some big clients from tinsel town who hired her to design her wedding gown. The list includes giants like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and Chelsea Clinton.

Today, she is an A-list fashion designer who makes clothing ensembles for laymen and celebrities. Her range of products include wedding gowns, eyewear, jewelry and fragrance.


5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is another big fashion designer from America who paved his way to corridors of White House and Hollywood with his superb dresses and outfits. After dropping out from Fashion Institute of Technology, Michael Kors did his first job at Bergdorf Goodman where he served as the designer of the store. The same store launched his label KORS Michael Kors in 1981 but it got shelved due to licensing issues.

He relaunched his label in 1997 while he was serving as a women’s designer at Celine. Not only did he made strong comeback with his brand but also uplifted the Celine with his exquisite ready-to-wear women’s outfits. He resigned from Celine in 2003 and took up his business at full throttle.

He went on to launch men’s apparels in 2002 and released MICHAEL Michael Kors label that introduced women’s shoes and handbags. Although Michael Kors caters both to men and women clothing, it is particularly a favorite brand of women who love it for its handbags. However, Michael Kors sells everything from jackets and outerwear to jewelry and watches.


6. Donna Karan

Donna Karan is one of the most famous American fashion designers who is known for her intriguing patterns and sophisticated cuts. She dominated the American fashion market during the 1980s and 1990s and is still going strong and steady.

Donna Karan left her college to join Anne Klein where she served in upper echelon of the creative team. After climbing success ladder in the fashion house, she became the head designer of the brand. She left Anne Klein in 1984 to launch her brand which focused on women’s clothing. She released her clothing ensembles in 1985. 

In 1990, she launched DKNY jeans which had denim-inspired pieces in its range of clothing. It was followed by DKNY for Men which featured clothing for men. Donna Karan has stepped down as CEO of DKNY but retains the title of chairwoman. She is still the designer of Donna Karan line. Her label is listed among the top-rated fashion houses in America and sells all kinds of apparels.

Fashion is deeply knitted in American culture. Thanks to these American fashion designers, the American fashion has reached to different parts of the world.






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