Top 8 Teenage Fashion Trends that Still Rule the Fashion World

  • Jun 4, 2019

Fashion advertisements on television, billboards, retail outlets, and numerous other places have one thing in common: they all show teenage models. Why? 

Because teenagers are the primary influencers of any hip-hop brand, be it fashion and lifestyle. To them, fashion is the strongest mode of expression to their peers and the rest of the world.

Teen fashion is teen fashion: sexually attractive, outrageously rebellious and highly influenced by celebrities, classmates, and society. Unlike adults, their fashion is a part of their fabric and reason for their existence.  

Historically, after World War II, youth’s spending on fashion and lifestyle considerably increased. The styles adopted by them have stretched the fashion trends at both ends. From B’Hoys and Scutllers, flappers, campus culture and bell bottoms, the youth market exploded throughout the world.

Tighten your seatbelts as we share with you the best teenage fashion trends that you cannot afford to miss out.

1. The Classy Bell Bottoms

Seems like the bell bottom classics never went out of style. The earthy hues and Western-themed silhouettes are ruling on instagram world. This retro fashion trend goes with everything. Whether you choose to wear a denim pant or want something dressier with heels, these are teenager’s go-to pants for every type of event and season.

2. The Trendy Crop-Tops

Ideal for summers, crop-tops (or tees) are most comfy wears for young girls. They are versatile, trendy and, non-sticky to the body. A lot of youngsters prefer it as a beach outfit. At the beach, just pair it with jeans or short and jump around the waters. 

The crop-tees are usually also paired with bell bottoms, long and short skirts and jeans. For example, at work, it appropriately fits your professional style with a high waist trouser. Match your suit with your fashionable file holder, and your are good to go.

3. The Ripped Jeans

Simple jeans are boring for “youth” culture. While, as a parent, you may hate ripped, torn, and distressed jeans, they still define the teenage fashion style in 2019. Why? Because it is edgy, pompous and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Pair your shredded-blue jeans with black spaghetti or a tank top with biker boots. They are still not suitable for formal events, but you can wear them on the streets. 

If you are going out with your friends at bars or clubs, wear knee-shredded jeans with your heels or sneakers, loose blouses or t-shirt with custom patches on it and enjoy.

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4. The Large, Transparent Sunglasses

Brands and Celebrities are promoting wide-frames, sunny, clear sunglasses like anything. The best part of it is that they can work as your reading glasses as well. These see-through cuties are best to highlight your natural facial features as well.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, and Emma Watson looked stunning as hell when they wore the glasses and turned these prescription glasses to the most in thing today for teens. 

They are ideal for everyday use: wear them outdoor and even at parties. Their closest cousins, round-shaped glasses are in fashion as well. They make you look fresh and stale. 

If they fit on your face, which they most probably would, they will trump boring looks to give you a retro style for your eyewear.

5. The Fashionable and Elegant Wrist Watches

There are hundreds of cool watches ready to up your watch game. After all, empty hands are a big turn off, especially for females. If you are not a huge fan of bangal, bracelets or any other accessory of that sort, you should seriously consider investing in a good looking watch.

First thing first, match your watch with your personality style and taste. Then couple it together with your shoes, dress or your skin colors. The rule is to match the dark skin light color tones and vice versa. Yes, rules are meant to be broken.

6. The Resourceful BackPacks

These backpacks will be your companion for school, college, and even university. From bright, bold colors to a simple black & white style, these bags are not just totes of carrying your stuff; they have become your style symbol.

For example, some fashionistas tailor their bags with custom Velcro patches of their school or college leagues to give it a personalized touch.

The most important while choosing a bag, however, is comfort. Make sure there are enough cotton cushions to share your shoulder burdens. Also, their fabrics need to be hard skinned to fight all the seasons. 

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7. The High Waisted Shorts

Youngsters have all types of reasons to wear this high waisted, mostly denim, shorts. No matter which types of legs do you have (slim, skinny, or even huge), these shorts will work for you. One of the most popular of them all is the one with distressed ends.

Wear it with drop shoulders, tank tops, button down shorts, whichever way you love. If you are a mom, wear it with your t-shirt in summers while you finish all your daily work. 

This throwback styles are in demand because their high cuts accentuate your waist and clear skin.

8. Sporty Baseball Caps

This unisex item is a must-have of your wardrobe. Whether you are in sports or not, this is your regular outerwear because they will protect your skin and hair from the harmful UV rays. Also, if you have made the right choice, in terms of color and size, they are enough to give your fashion confidence an upward boost.

Wear your baseball cap with cool glasses to elevate its magic. Contrast or match your cap color with your sunglasses, everything works. But, pick the right shoes. Match your sporty look with athletic sneakers. 

If you carry long hair and not in the mood of showing them off, wear a hoodie instead.

 As a teenager, if you are looking to upgrade or even revamp your entire wardrobe (or just checking to ensure that you are still in the game), this teenage fashion trend list is not only your savior but wallet-friendly too.