Custom Clothing Labels

Looking for custom clothing labels at reasonable prices with quick turnaround?

Every company has a brand, logo or image. And to make sure people keep buying your products or services, there’s great need to always personalize your products by engraving your brand name or logo on your products. The fashion business is not excluded from this. Having custom clothing Labels attached to your clothing is a great way to personalize your designs. We’re one stop to providing you with customized clothing labels for your design outfit, clothing lines, tailoring company and even handmade products. With our experienced team and history of collective successful orders, we guarantee your utmost satisfaction.


At Houston Embroidery Service, We seek to please and are poised to giving you the best. We make woven custom clothing labels, custom patches, custom embroidered patches, dye sublimated patches / printed patches, custom leather patches PVC patches, and custom embroidered key chains.


Our custom clothing labels offer you the easiest and most efficient ways to add identity to your cloth designs, bags, caps, leather products and other items that can accept embroidery. Our labels are woven and are made of top-quality that thrives in any weather, any day. They can also be cotton printed or satin printed.

We also create other types of patches with any type of backing option. Our services at a glance include;

·        Low Prices with Quick Turnaround Time

·        Special discount to SAGE, ASI, and PPAI members (Visit this page to learn more)

·        5-Day RUSH Delivery

·        Free Shipping Worldwide on All Orders

·        Velcro, Iron on, and Peel and Stick Backing

·        Custom patches No Minimum


We’ve carefully outlined some questions and answers you might have about our custom clothing labels before placing your orders to aid you understand our products better before ordering from us.

How do you make your Custom Clothing Labels?

Since we take label customizations seriously, we use the best available technology in making them because we want it to look exactly how you want it. We customize these clothing labels with top-quality materials and artwork, combined with our rigorous quality control to enable them be the best available. To produce these labels, after you must have sent us your sketch, idea, a picture or an artwork, we take the specifications from your order and create a digital sample of the design and send to you for approval, once you approve this, we proceed to manufacturing and shipping of the labels to you.

What type of thread and fabric are your Custom Clothing Labels made of?

In order to create you smaller or tiny artwork with fine details, we use 100% damask polyester fabric and thinner threads in making these labels as opposed to the ones we use in making embroidered patches. It also enables us to apply these custom clothing labels on any side of the clothing whether low or high density. The density here refers to the thread count. It‘s like pixels in image, the higher it is, the better the results. Please make sure to specify the density you need while ordering. If you’re not too sure, please contact us and one of our agents will help you make the right choice.

What are the backing methods suitable for these Custom Clothing Labels?

Since our custom clothing labels are woven patches, there are various backing options we use while the rest can be done on request.

Iron On – Using this type of backing method also called stick on labels means that you are not going to move the patch to another clothing once you do it. This is the simplest way of applying custom clothing labels on your fabric. It involves the use of dry iron to fasten the label patches on the fabric. The labels for this backing option are layered with special glue that fastens on the fabric once heat is introduced there after hardens when the heat cools off. Please visit this page to learn more about iron on backing.


Self-Adhesive – this option comes with peel-and-stick which means they can be re-used on different fabrics a couple of times. It’s useful if you want to attend a trade show or an event where you need to showcase your cloth brand or decorate your clothing. To apply your label with this backing option, simply remove the backing from the patch and position the label wherever you would like it to be seen. Press down firmly and it will stick fast to the clothing. This option has a sticky material on the back of the patch to keep the clothing label firmly in its place.


We also use the Plastic lamination backing option which involves sewing he labels on the cloth with a backing that makes the patch stiff to give a smooth look on the back side.

What does it cost to have you make my Custom Clothing Labels?

Our prices are very affordable since we place them based on the number of stitches made on your patches. So I can assure you that having us make your own patches is not expensive. We understand that getting just a single or few personalized custom clothing labels is not easily affordable for everyone. This is why we want to make it happen for you by offering you our service called custom patches no Minimum. With this service, you don’t have to order for a particular range; rather you’re free to order for just one.

When do I get my custom clothing labels delivered after placing an order?

All our services are fast paced. Once we have your digitized sample approved, we will commence production immediately and dispatch the order. We use DHL for our deliveries, so you should have your custom clothing labels delivered within 3 – 4 days from the time of dispatch if you are in the US. There are also options for 3-days or 5-days RUSH service.

Products you can apply our custom clothing labels on

Our labels can be applied to duffle bags, jackets, uniforms, caps, flags using various forms of backing options. Apart from identity or brand, labels are also a way to put down basic information about and care instructions about your product to enable the user take appropriate care of it after purchase. Other products that require custom clothing labels include designer clothes, bed covers, shoe bags, mini bag tags, shoes and t-shirts. These labels can also be used to place your brand on uniforms you supply. This includes police uniforms, military, sports, scouts, medical, firefighters, engineering work cloths, construction, plumbers and other types of uniforms or work wears. You can also use these labels to brand your designer caps, hats and shirts etc.

Who are our Custom Clothing Labels buyers?

Our custom clothing labels can be used by people who supply police uniforms, firefighters’ uniforms, scout uniforms, vests, biker jackets, etc. Labels are used by cloth designers to showcase their brand logo as well as care instructions. They are also useful for pet owners who love to decorate their pets with custom accessories and custom clothing labels. They create small snippets of information like pet name, a short sentence showing their love for their pets.


People who want to incorporate a message directly on their fabrics make use of our labels too. For example, they can customize images and use self adhesive method of backing to attach them. Companies also make use of custom clothing labels on their staff clothes to showcase their brand or what they do. They get different labels for each member of their staff according to their positions in the company. It’s a great way to show different roles in the workplace. Companies also use these woven labels to add details of a special event that might be coming up on their work clothes. Some of our customers also include people who make hand made products and crafts like greeting cards, custom t-shirts, abstract paintings, crafted handbags, hats, picture frames, baskets, beads scarf, tie dye clothes, hair accessories, etc.


How Custom Clothing Labels Emerged

The history of custom clothing labels started a very long time ago. When you buy any cloth from the fashion store closest to you, you're probably going to see a couple of things about the cloth. For the most part, it will have a bunch of labels hidden either on the neck region, waist or somewhere else on it. This includes the label carrying the designer logo and the one that has care instructions about the cloth. Before branding became the order of the day, labels were used for something else: It was used by labor unions to show the quality of their products.


By the twentieth century, union labels were utilized by different labor groups, placing them both inside and outside of their piece of clothing. Although this idea is believed to have originated from cigar-makers in 1874 who utilized it as an approach to highlight their product quality and superiority, Charles Frederick Worth, an English fashion designer and founder of House of Worth had already started sewing his label into the garments he created.


However, the most well known utilization of this strategy originated from clothing makers, especially the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU), who used their labels as a branding for their union. They became well known for their TV commercials during the 70’s and mid 80’s in which they always sang a tune called "Look for the Union Label".


It was not a great time for the clothing labor unions as they had their cloth sales fall by more than 500 million items in 1976. Afterwards in the same year, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, an association for makers of men’s clothing and another major supporter of union label collapsed into another group to begin a long-running marvel of mergers in the domestic garment union space which eventually swallowed up the ILGWU into the group.


Today, we are hardly persuaded to wear "Made in the USA" apparel, not to mention union labeled cloths, the association’s name have taken up the vintage job: They've become a way for vintage clothing enthusiasts to tell when a cloth was manufactured. Labels are now used to decorate, brand and convey care instructions to the user.


Important facts you should know before creating your Custom Clothing Labels.

Custom clothing labels are great tools used to guarantee that the clothing sold satisfies guidelines in the United States and other countries. Before you go on creating your own customized clothing labels, there are few things you must know about them. We’ve taken time to write down some of them.


1.   Labels are generally made out of silk covered acetic acid derivation which has a glossy completion with high flexibility and durability. Other printed clothing labels are made out of comparable materials to the clothing itself and incorporate cotton, polyester, and nylon.


2.   Labels woven into the clothing are regularly made out of the textures fabric, glossy silk, and damask. These are typically formed like square shapes and are usually either 1 inch by 2 inches or 1/2 inch by 1 inch.


3.   A wide range of sizes and shapes of clothing labels are sold, and typically the size of the label is determined by the size of the final product used. IF you are combining lots of fabric types on one piece of clothing, you might need to add an additional label.


4.   Clothing labels must be visible enough for the user or prospective buyer to see even at the point of sales. This means it should be included on the external packaging.


5.   Labels must remain attached to the cloth, clear and visible without discoloration or fading throughout the lifespan of the cloth.


6.   Custom cloth labels are required to indicate how to maintain the cloth as well as its country of origin. The maintenance instructions should be good enough to protect even the most delicate part of the clothing.


7.   Custom clothing labels should indicate the appropriate water temperature washing the cloth and also state whether it is safe to use washing machine. If the cloth is meant to be washed with cold water only and cannot be safely washed with a machine, it should be labeled “Dry Cleaning Only”


8.   It is wrong to label a cloth “Dry Cleaning Only” if it can be safely washed in a machine. The labeling should be done by someone who is experienced in fabric maintenance. If you are not experience, test the fabric by washing it yourself to find out the appropriate labeling.


I’m sure by now you would’ve known how to properly create the contents of your custom cloth labels and what they should look like without any infringement. Why not get in touch with Houston embroidery, the leading provider of any type of patch or labels and have yours carefully crafted.