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Custom Keychains / Embroidered Key Tags

Embroidered keychains are used as promotional keychains to promote businesses. custom keychains are used in many other ways than just to fasten keys together. People use keychains because they increase the ease of use of bunch of keys. Our embroidered key tags also called custom embroidered keychain are an affordable option to keep your personalized designs and brand logo visible everywhere you go. Also, our stylish embroidered key tags give a fun way of customizing one’s personal belongings. We produce high quality embroidered key tags for promotional companies. We are mainly an embroidery company; so, we offer high quality embroidered key tags at the lowest prices. We also offer promotional keychains in PVC, crystal, leather and other material. We also make custom embroidered keychain in leather. We can help you design your custom-made keychains at reasonable prices.


Embroidered Keychains as Freebies

Embroidered keychains or custom-made keychains have gained popularity as promotional products used by companies as a form of advertising their brands to new customers. Why is this so? Since customized items leave a long-lasting impression, this helps improve brand awareness amongst potential customers. These promotional keychains are used as trade show giveaways where attendees are given lots of flyers and brochures. These custom-made keychains help the companies stand out as they are stylish freebies and easy to carry around unlike flyers. Embroidered key tags are also perfect promotional products for other special events such as civic education events, open day events. Realtors can also make use of these embroidered key tags to promote their brands by personalizing them and supplying to every home owner. Property dealers and realtors are very important in terms of utilizing “key” a key is stands for a home, sometimes. Using custom made keychains is a great idea instead of unbranded ones.


Custom Keychains are Affordable

Embroidered key tags are a more affordable and effective way of advertising your brand because you do not need special events either to reach potential clients. You can simply give your custom keychains to customers who walk-in to your store. Whether you prefer a fabric keychain or custom-made metal keychains, you can never run out of events where you can give away the promotional products. Custom keychains are one of the best promotional products. The cost is between $0.50 to $2.00 for custom keychains; it depends on the style, material, design, and quantity.


No Substitute for Custom Keychains

The close alternatives for custom embroidered keychain are customized items like pens, T-shirts, hats, mugs, and so on. However, these products may not be as efficient and cost effective as embroidered key tags. The prices are much higher for these products except pens, but people use pens indoor, mostly. Experts’ advice that much impact is made when you consider how often your promotional product is going to be used. This makes promotional keychains the best alternative as they will frequently recall your brand.  Many small businesses already using custom keychains for branding and getting good return on the investment.

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Promotional Keychains Earn Money for You

Are you out of ideas whenever you want to order promotional products? We got you covered with our embroidered key tags. There is no need of ending up using the same old advertising methods that do not leave a lasting impression. Think of it this way, we can easily tell people’s interests and brands they adore from their custom keychains. Our custom keychains is a unique way to meet the customer’s needs while satisfying every aspect of your marketing strategy. Embroidered key tags bring your organization right in the hands of potential clients and this could boost your sales.


Get a Quote for Embroidered Key Tags

Contact us today and we will produce your personalize and custom keychains as embroidered key tags at very affordable prices. Please send your logo artwork or picture and other details for a quick price quote and we will give you exactly the embroidered key tags you have in mind or even better. Also mention the required size since we make custom keychains in custom sizes. We charge as per stitch count for custom embroidered keychain. Check out our other products.


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