Woven Labels

Branding and customizing is a big deal. It can make or mark an organization or brand, depending on how it is used. Because there are many ways to brand a clothing line. Most people find it difficult to decide which one to go for. If you are in this category, how about a quick introduction to woven labels? Woven labels, produced on a loom, use thread to weave or embroider your design into the fabric of the label. This means that whatever design you choose to go for, it will be woven into the piece of material that you choose.


Woven Labels – The Most Common Method

Woven labels are just one of the most common types of labels used in clothing. The others are printed labels and heat press labels. For woven labels, thin or thick threads or yarns can be used depending on the type of design you have in mind. Woven labels can be used on a wide range of products from your dresses to your caps, hats, jeans, jackets, and so on. You should know that there are different kinds of yarns used in woven labels. Some of them are taffeta woven labels, satin woven labels, damask amongst others. You can apply woven labels by using any type of backing options like iron-on, peel and stick, Velcro, and the best way is to sew on.


Woven Labels VS Printed Labels

A woven label is a way to add a professional touch to your product line. What these means is that manufacturers of caps, shirts, jeans and even backpacks can use woven labels to set their product apart, distinguishing it from the rest. Remember that you also have the option of using a printed label if you do not like woven labels. With printed labels, your logo/wording is printed on top of the material rather than being woven into the material. Unlike woven labels that cost more to make and usually takes longer to produce, printed labels are generally produced faster.


Woven Labels' Advantages

If you choose to use woven labels, what are the advantages you stand to benefit? The first advantage is you tend to use woven labels for a longer period. Because of their durability over an extended period, a woven label will usually last long. The second advantage is that woven labels can make your product line look more professional and branded. The third advantage is that you can get different types of results by using the different kinds of woven labels. The satin woven label gives you a soft feel and a shiny look. Damask woven labels can achieve much more definition and clear lines: this is due to the use of thinner threads and a tighter weave. Damask with its high quality is the best if you are looking to pay a great deal of attention to details. Both kinds of labels have their uses: taffeta labels are a less-expensive method for bolder letters and logos; damask woven labels are recommended for thinner more intricate designs.


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